Stefano Meriggi

Stefano Meriggi

Milano, Lombardy, Italy

About Stefano Meriggi

I was born in Genoa (Italy) in 1959, I live in Milan since 1996.
Since I was very young I like to draw and paint. I also like to design, build models and objects.
I studied drawing and art from the age of 14. I completed my artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts where I graduated in Painting in Carrara.

I worked as a yacht and naval designer with various companies.
In addition to painting, I work as a graphic designer, in communication and web projects.

I am passionate about art (classical and modern) and when I can visit exhibitions and museums or buy books. I like design, literature (modern), movies, music ... and of course the Internet.


I studied at the Art School (1974-1978) and at the Academy of Fine Arts (Accademia di Belle Arti, 1988-1993) in Genoa and Carrara (Italy). I'm graduated in painting.

I studied freehand and technical drawing, art history, artistic anatomy, etc.


My artistic research looks at the past, at the art of the 1900s, from Picasso and Cubism, to Futurism, Expressionism, to modern American art, Pop Art and Abstract expressionism, combining figurative and abstract in a personal research.

Through the use of signs, shapes and colors, balances and tensions, dynamism and stasis, above the surface, I express and represent the moods and impulses in which everyone can "mirror".


I have rarely exhibited my work in collective or personal exhibitions. I have done other professional activities to live in past.
I have worked and work as a designer in various sectors: nautical and naval, product, graphics, web.

I decided to want to be a full-time artist, combining my skills and to live with what I create by selling it all over the world, through the Internet.