Herouville Saint Clair, Calvados, France

About Steven PATERS

by journalist Nanou
"The rhythm of the lines and angles, the urban space, its colors, its textures, its solitary universe, are the materials that feed the works of Steven Paters. His powerful pictures catch the eye. His singular realism opens on a poetry of absence, That only a few passers-by seem to inhabit. The eye-camera of Steven Paters explores the American city, its existential void and invite to an urban photographic road movie."


Malherbes School
Quesnel School
Life School


Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn (nyc) - 2018
Last Frontier nyc - Brooklyn (nyc) 2019
Greenpoint Gallery - Brooklyn (nyc) - 2019
Brooklyn Label - Brooklyn - 2019
Galerie 102ter - Normandy (France) - 2018
Galerie Kafé Crème - Normandy (France) - 2018 / 2019
Galerie Deux Deux Danton - Montreuil (France) - 2019