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Mid-Century Modern

Embracing clean lines and organic shapes, this iconic aesthetic is marked by a love for bold colors and a range of materials. When it comes to art, consider fun wall-hangings and dynamic mobiles.
Phil Lambert

Less is More
Cécile van Hanja

Phil Lambert
Offset Objects
Jenny Gray

Amelia Errazuriz T

To the Red
Ihor Soloviov


While this style is characterized by neutral hues and materials, it always manages to make a fresh and bold statement. Large abstract paintings and metal works act as the ultimate conversation starters.
High Up in the Fog I
Andreas Garbe
To the Red
Ihor Soloviov

Contemporary Classic

This style pays homage to past eras and art styles, while feeling vibrant and fresh. Feature artworks that put a modern twist on traditional motifs, from landscapes to abstracts.

Hunting Party
Mandy Racine

The Fortune Teller – After Caravaggio 1.0
Andrea Bennati

The Harvest
I Bari, After
Caravaggio 0.6

Andrea Bennati

Above the Ground
Rossano Liberatore

Freedom Series 12
Michael Cutlip


Lived in, yet refined, a minimalist style is harmonious and balanced, and puts self-care front and center. Canvases awash in calming fields of color will amplify any minimalist space. 
Above the Ground
Rossano Liberatore
Composition 96
Paul Bik


Rich layers, one-of-a-kind pieces, and statement-making choices characterize this maximalist home style. Bold art choices—like strong portraits and street art—are a must.
Cecé Art

Road (No Way).
Jose Maia

Cecé Art
The Magnificent Seven
Dane Shue

Green Portrait 01 BIS
Karenina Fabrizzi

Vincenzo Cota

Modern Farmhouse

This timeless style is cozy, yet sleek. Antique silhouettes, vintage landscapes, and paintings depicting flora and fauna will add a warmth and simplicity to this unique take on country living.
Misty Lavender Field 200326
Don Bishop
Vincenzo Cota

Nordic Neutral

Muted tones and natural materials create the clean and soothing atmosphere that is the hallmark of this Scandinavian-inspired style. Embrace simplicity by hanging calming abstract paintings mixed with graphic contemporary works.
Búðir Church, Snaefellsnes, Iceland
Tommy Kwak

Just Showing Up
Todd Clark

Búðir Church, Snaefellsnes, Iceland
Tommy Kwak
Ad Infinitum
Stacey Warnix

Rosen Beach
Kate Powell

Light Language
Adam Collier Noel

Contemporary Coastal

Bright and airy, this sophisticated seaside style is characterized by clean lines, natural textures, and bright hues like turquoise and coral. Scale up your artwork to make a statement, and consider fabric and woven works to add layers of richness.
Elizabeth Lennie
A Fleeting Thought
Casey Matthews


Drawing inspiration from the European and African countries around the Mediterrean Sea, this international look is marked by bright colors, ornate accents, warm materials, and indoor-outdoor living. Artwork that is brightly colored and channels the coast, as well as ceramic pieces will complement a Mediterranean interior.

Tessellé 7
Félix Hemme

Luminous Soul
Merna Liddawi

The Aviator
Sean Ward
Formation 12
Jessy Cho

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