Living With Art

Saatchi Art Collectors Take us Inside their Homes

Every artwork brings a unique joy to its owner—whether it provides creative inspiration, acts as a conversation starter, evokes meaningful memories, or simply makes your space feel more reflective of your personal style. In this special series, people who have discovered and fallen in love with works through Saatchi Art invite us into their homes and share their stories.

Music Talent Manager, Museum and Exhibition Lover

“I learned with art—it’s similar to music. When creators have something that you like, you have to kind of seize the moment because you may go back and it may be gone.”

Real Estate Developer, Traveler, Art Enthusiast

“A work of art might remind me of something that made me feel safe or happy, or it can remind me of places I’ve been or experiences I’ve had.”

Executive Assistant, World Traveler, Home Organizer

“For me, art is like a record of all my personal history. All the places I’ve been to, all the people I’ve met, the works are reminders of all of those very specific moments.”

Interior Designer, Photographer, Equestrian

“If it evokes some sort of passion, or strikes some sort of chord with you, then buy it. Because you’ll look at it every day.”

Entrepreneur, Surfer, Design Enthusiast

“I collect art to bring life to my house… It’s never something I ignore, it’s never something I take for granted.”

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