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sujata tibrewala

Wheaton, IL, United States


I believe that "If it touches your heart, it is art...."

The universality of human emotion, our eternal love hate story with our mothers, both the biological one and the natural one is what inspires me..

Having had the good fortune to live and work amidst various cultures and nationalities, m...


The Death Hole thumb

Painting20 W x 30 H x 1 D in

Music Within thumb

Painting36 W x 24 H x 1 D in

Fire thumb

Painting16 W x 20 H x 1 D in

Buddha thumb

Painting46 W x 36 H x 2 D in

Genetic Heritage thumb

Painting9.4 W x 6.5 H x 14.2 D in

red thumb

Painting5.5 W x 8.3 H x 9.1 D in

Blue thumb

Painting0.4 W x 0.4 H x 1 D in

Windows to the soul thumb

Painting0.4 W x 0.4 H x 1 D in

View All 8 Artworks