Sveta Osborne

Sveta Osborne

Cape Coral, FL, United States

About Sveta Osborne

My name is Sveta Osborne and I am originally from Europe; specifically from Belarus, which is a neighbor of Russia. I have spent my entire life studying and perfecting my artistic craft in both Europe and America. As a result of this lifetime of study around the world, I have developed my own very unique style that both blends and transcends all that I have experienced. My paintings do not just define me…they are a part of me. I have a passion for color, texture, movement and design that are conveyed in my paintings. I prefer to create works of art through acrylic paint on canvas, and my unique talent is focused primarily on my Enchanted Series, Magic Garden Series, and on Abstracts. When I hear or use the phrase “Works of Art,” in describing my paintings, it makes me feel a little strange. My paintings are absolutely a form of Art, but in no way should the word “work” be associated with my paintings. I truly believe one of the reasons my paintings are so well reviewed and received, is because they are an extension of the best parts of who I am as an artist. When I think about life, love, beauty, and art…they are all one topic for me; and whenever I am creating a new painting, I never have an agenda. Instead, my paintings take their own form as they represent my passion for the enchantment, magic and beauty that life, love, and nature give me every day. Art is a living, breathing, unique creation…born from the talent and passion of the Artist’s soul. My paintings are a part of me, and it gives me the greatest pleasure when others appreciate the depth of my love for art, by displaying my paintings in their home. To know that my paintings are in a place that helps make others happy, is one of my greatest joys in life.


My paintings are in private collections across the USA and Europe.