James Warren

James Warren

Chico, CA, United States

About James Warren

The capacity to cope with good or less-than-good or beyond-labeled-as-good is the anvil, hammer, and tongs, the waterwheel, forge, and quench bucket of this creative struggle. Irreverent and insulting to thought, only, and thoughts pass away like the previous breath. © 2018 James A. Warren Greetings. I appreciate that you took this time to examine and think about my art. That's something. At this point, I need to accept reality, in that, any art profits will go to provide for the survival needs of my friends who struggle in a so-called Third World economy. I work my other jobs nearly every day of the week which is, in a way, a luxury my friends don't have access to. To make and sell art...art that someone finds worthwhile...brings on a fundamental feeling of humanity, equanimity, and responsibility. Thank you. I shake all your hands. © 2017 James A. Warren

Some of my work has to do with the "nearly so" and "functioning entropy". Something that is bitter could make you well, through willful, transformative process or through fearful risk. © 2015 James A. Warren.

Birth, work, drum, bicycle, art, rest, sing, reflect, risk, wish, jump, dance, fail, sing, bamboo, fire, dance, go, sit, love, ponder.

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Arizona State University to Butte College to California State University-Chico for the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Studio Painting Option with Art History Minor.

Awake each morning for geologic time.