John Latham

John Latham

About John Latham

I was born before God invented dirt. In the forlorn wastes of Sherwood Forest. Now I'm marooned on a Pacific Island shore, to the west of Canada and the east of Japan.

I make stained glass/metal/wood images of commercial fish boats, lighthouses and some rather indescribable other odd things. I use re-cycled metal, computer cables, electrical cords, flotsam and jetsome that I find on the seashore.


I have a PHD in bodywork (Punching the Heck out of Dents)a doctorate in procrastiny and a masters in living off the grid.,


Future Shows: My next big show will be when I finish the final cigarette, pop the final pill, and drink the last of the Autumn wine. At that time I shall place myself in a very public position, and laugh as my head explodes on all and sundry!