Tanto Sutianto

Tanto Sutianto

Bali, Bali, Indonesia

About Tanto Sutianto

My name Tanto (Sutianto)
I was born in cool village called Banyuwangi,East Java March 8,1972.

"World nature and human social life inspire me in creating paintings.When I face blank,white canvas,I inspire by my feelings,by nature or by me Environment.Starting from that point,I am paint colours and lines that will outline a story of life,a reflexion or a dream.My creations reflect all my enthusiasm,energy & turmoil.
I had the chance to been granted several prizes from The Indonesia Art Society"


SMSR Surabaya - Indonesia


2000 "Bunga-Bunga Bali" at art centre Kuta - Bali
2001 "Sama Hati" at Pranoto's Gallery Ubud - Bali
2002 "Voice of art" at Ndag Gallery Ubud - Bali
2003 "Berita Hari Ini" at Pondok Seni Malang - Indonesia
2003 "Tree Monkeys Café and Gallery" Ubud - Bali
2003 "Kolaborasi Jawa - Bali" at W.T.C Jakarta - Indonesia
2004 "Tebar Warna" at Bharata Gallery Ubud - Bali
2004 "Open Air" at Jembawan Gallery Ubud - Bali
2004 "Tanda Tanya Besar" at Nandya Gallery Ubud - Bali
2005 "Tapas café Gallery" at Kuta – Bali
2005 "Axiom Café and Gallery" at Kuta – Bali
2005 "Mindscape" at Mercure Resort - Bali
2006 "Rumors Café and Gallery" at kuta- Bali
2006 Exhibition 70 Finalis Jakarta Art World (Painting competition national of Indonesia)
2006 'Eclat d'art' Gallery,Colmar France
2006 'La Clairie're',La Petite Pierre France
2007 Permanent exhibitin in 'Art Generation' Galleries in Paris,Lyon & Annecy - since 2006
2007 Café Desir',Lyon France
2007 'Brin de Folies', Lutterbach France
2007 'Cre'ation Design',Lyon France
2007 'Les couleurs du monde',Turckheim France
2007 'Les Ateliers Contemporains',Mulhouse France
2008't6r ‘Rencontres des Arts',Mulhouse France
2008 'Revolution'Art',Strasbourg France
2008 'Ateliers Contemporains',Mulhouse France
2008 'Golfhouse',Ammerschwihr France
2010 ‘Gerakan Abstrak Indonesia’ Yogyakarta
2012 ‘ SUKYF Gallery ‘ Canggu - Bali
2014 ‘ Context Seoul ‘ Korea