Tanya Doskova

Tanya Doskova

Phoenix, AZ, United States

About Tanya Doskova

Canadian / Bulgarian born, US - Arizona artist Tanya Doskova is well known for her magical surrealism, social satire and tales of modern times She did computer animation and special effects for the film industry in London, UK and Vancouver, BC. Tanya worked in U2 and Ridley Scott's post- production house ‘The Mill’ as well as in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and 'Double Negative' in England, and 'Rainmaker Entertainment' (Mainframe Entertainment) in Canada, creating special effects for the Hollywood motion pictures and TV series : 'Babe Pig in the City', 'Pitch Black', 'Action Man' Tanya Doskova has received numerous awards in recognition of her artistic achievements. Most recently, she won an Award of Excellence in The 2010 Communication Arts Illustration Annual Competition. This prestigious American award and the publication of her images in The Communication Arts Magazine gave her worldwide exposure and recognition.


Master of Arts degree in printmaking - 1985, The National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
Diploma in Computer Animation and Special Effects - 1997, International Academy of Design, Toronto, Canada