Yulia Terebunskaya

Yulia Terebunskaya

Wilmington, NC, United States

About Yulia Terebunskaya

I remember myself saying: «In an ideal scenario, I would like to paint beautiful pieces and live by the ocean instead of doing job I hate five days a week».
In fact, I have got out from office routine trap only once in 2012 when I quit my father’s business. I took some commissions for oil painting that summer, that was a hilarious experience. The matter was that some lady, who preferred to stay incognito sent me photographs by e-mail, which I had to turn into artworks and sell back to her without my signature. Moreover, there was a special meeting place next to cathedral where I had to hand over the paintings. I remember this with smile – who knows where they are now.
Anyway, one day my life started taking an unexpected turn and all my brushes have been locked in the room for next few years. I found everything at same places when I was back to Russia to help my mother sell that apartment in 2015. A huge canvas with unfinished artwork, brushes hardened of paint, even a can of thinner… That was a shock.
As soon as I was back to USA, I started doing what I really loved all my life – painting. I live Upstate New York, that is rather far from the ocean, but I’m so passionate of my oil paintings that it makes me feel I’m close to my dream.


Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University / Graphic Design


"Nikolay's Best Workout" was awarded 4th place in the American Art Awards 2017 (http://www.americanartawards.com/2017-winning-art/categories-18-to-50/)


"Early Fall Members Show" at Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery, Corning, NY. September-October 2017.

"Holidays Members Show" at Evelyn Peeler Peacock Gallery, Corning, NY. December 2017 - January 2018.