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Teresa Martins

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With qualifications and professional experience in the area of communication, Teresa Martins, has dedicated herself for years to painting in various styles and materials. In 2006 she decided to change and experiment with a new support - glass. A constant and strong will to discover and continuously search new challenges has prompted this artist's evolution as a creator of new forms of seeing, feeling and communicating.

Using glass as a support to her painting implied a preoccupation with recycling this material, often found in garbage, reusing it and giving it a new function and form. The fluidity of stained glass-window paint, the shine and transparency of glass instill a life of its own in each work, interacting with the environment where it stands. This ambiance and its reflections impact and alter the final look of each work. No doubt, it's a challenging material, but also a very enriching one.

She recently participated in the following publications:
Catalogo dele quotazioni 2009-2010, Casa Editrice Alba
Mitos da Arte - antologia de pintores portugueses contemporâneos, Chiado Editora.