Adam Hyde

Adam Hyde

dudley, United Kingdom

About Adam Hyde

Born in Dudley in 1984, im an artist working in paint, film, and anything that fits"My work is a mystery even to myself, a mixture of past emotions and experiences, and an enjoyment and passion for making something, for representing life as i know it. Memories play a huge part in what ive done so far, and people play a huge part in what i hope to do."Above is what i used to think, but now i use a little less hope and lot more focus.My work, in animation and painting comes back to the same themes time and again of love, exile, isolation and people... always with the people.I pay a great deal of attention to style and content, obsessive almost, in the attempt to get a harmony going on between me and the work.Recently my paintings are veering off towards a particular 'way', and i want to let it go where it wants.. providing my obligations for paying the bills dont get in the way


Completed an Art Foundation at Dudley College in 2006

A First in Fine Art BA hons at MMU, Manchester

Group Exhibition, Lighthouse, Wolverhampton, March 2006

Finalist of the Mercury Art Prize, London, February 2007

Shortlisted for the Filmonik Best Of, Manchester, September 2007

Shortlisted for the Insight Film Festival, Manchester, November 2007

Winner of the James Stanley Wentworth Prize, The National Open Art Exhibition, Chichester, November 2009,