Timothée Bordenave

Timothée Bordenave

Paris, France

About Timothée Bordenave

I am a french artist and photographer, from Paris. I am influenced by the surrealism and expressionism movements. I studied law, then decided to produce art -art, I practice since very young. I am also interested in mystics, philosophy, and I write poetry and literature. Then, I run blogs and music web pages.
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There is an artist statement video playlist, on my "Timothée Bordenave" youtube.com user channel, filed under the name : /timothee

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General studies in High School, Literature major, Laureate in 2001, Paris, France
Law studies in France, Bachelor in Private Law in 2006, Paris II University
Information Management professional diploma, in 2012, I.C., Paris
Contractual, Studies Ingeneer, in Paris X University, for online learning, in Economy and Finances.
Contractual, Research Librarian at INJS Paris (School for the deaf).


2020 : Dédicaces - A poetic anthology, Éditions Nouvelle Pléiade
2020 : Des bonnes nouvelles de Théodore - Short stories, Éditions Nouvelle Pléiade
2020 : À l’aventure - A poetic anthology, Éditions Nouvelle Pléiade
2019 : Par amour - A poetic anthology, Éditions Nouvelle Pléiade
2019 : Skylight - A poetic anthology, published by Apple Books
2019 : Que Dieu Vous Garde ! - Essay, published by Apple Books
2019 : Ciel ! - A poetic anthology, Éditions Nouvelle Pléiade
2017 : A Wizard Diary - published by Apple Books
2017 : English Poetry - published by Apple Books
2017 : Paris La Nuit, éditions des Poètes Français - a poetic collection.
2017 : Re-opening of my collections for shopvida.com
2016 : Re-opening, of my profile on Saatchi Art Gallery
2016 : Publication of "Fortunes" a poetic anthology, for Nouvelle Pléïade, Société des Poètes Français (*c.f.)
2015 : Re-organisation and new publications, on the YouTube channel : www.youtube.com/timdevotion
2015 : Federative, Creative Common's shares platform : 14pan.tumblr.com
2015 : Creative interests blog : sidiese.tumblr.com
2014 : Opening of my saatchiart.com/timothee profile !
2014 Stormclouds Poets Anthology, US : poetic publications
2014 Member of the Société des Poètes Français - Paris VI
2014 Creative blog : sorsrr.tumblr.com
2013 Artistic website : www.adaywego.com (currently offline)
2013 Philosophy blog : theeipray.tumblr.com
2011 Musical webpage : soundcloud.com/anothertim
2010 Creative blog : timmy1.tumblr.com
2010 Musical webpage : soundcloud.com/timmy1
(*c.f.) : by the way : I am the award winner, for being the youngest poet this society ever admitted, and also published... -I beat Louis Aragon... lol.


2018 : HomeSick ! East End, San Francisco, California, USA
2016 : Promenade au Luxembourg, by Timothée Bordenave, invited by Alain Pras at Galerie 6, Paris
2014-2015 : Street Art, figurative project : Irène Nemirovsky - France.
2015 Global viewed, Collective Event -contributions, Vert Bois,
2014 Courts Circuits, Poblano Collective, Montreuil, Paris
2014 Photography exhibition : Citadelles, Volta Ephemeride Artshop, Paris
2013 In sense performance, Comptoir Sauvage, Paris
2011 My France ! Photo call as part of a charity show, Montreuil
2010 Miscellaneous Endless Night collective show, East Gallery Buiding, London
2010 Drawing exhibition : Salon Arcima, Maubert, Nuit Blanche, Paris
2008 Collection entries at Urban Gallery, Paris
2007 - 2010 Street painting exhibitions, Paris & Cap Ferret
2008 Digital Naïves at Immortelle's, Fashion Boutique, in Cap Ferret
2008 Photography exhibition :The Shaman, Cap Ferret
2007 Photography exhibition : Chez Georges, Paris
2007 A photography exhibition : De la Mer au Jardin, Café Fleurus, Paris...
I did some other shows or art events, not noticed here, but these one I mentioned, form a representative, list, when starting back in 2007. My pictures, paintings, drawings, have widely been seen so far - about this, I am proud !