Patrizia Anedda

Patrizia Anedda

cagliari, Sardegna, Italy

About Patrizia Anedda

Cagliari By inquiring the language of painting, I reproduce the things around me in the reality of every day life and in that one, less tangible yet just as real, of putting together thoughts and shapes apparently far from each other, trying to divert the attention of the observer from the represented motifs, to strengthen their material expressiveness.The subjects of the paintings include common objects, from the daily existence, reproduced and modified images, photographs taken from magazines, signs from the urban landscape: advertising graphics, symbolic images, connected to the European pop-culture, yet through a less exasperated expression.The painting surfaces become a place of transformation, of reactions, of non-colour colours. The materials I use are unusual elements, like concrete, glues, gauzes, paper and wood, and colours are less used in the painting.What really interests me is the graphic and material expression linked together.