marion tujek

marion tujek

alsace, France

About marion tujek

I think the roots of my art between fantasy , fairy tales and beliefs . To popular belief I keep greenness and flavor expressions . Nudity and hair usually accompany my drawings and rush me to the animality that ambiguity does not stop to fascinate me . There in my drawings a health and joy , I hope, reconnect with paradise without fault of childish curiosity . I do not know the horrible hypocrisy generated by our religions that force us to tell the heart when we think of sex.
I am a woman artist who is now jumping lock the door between beast and man.
I recall the story , but I am careful to illustrate . I enriched by what they are able to create in our imagination.

Art fusion forms that coexist for several years now with the Mannerist and invented fanciful architecture. The exteriors of buildings, ruins , doors , arches, porches are meticulously reproduced and merge with the flesh of men and women who "make one" with the colored stone.

I am inspired by the works of the golden age of Dutch painting . I focused my eyes on church interiors , especially those of Pieter Jansz Saaenredam , whose father engraved sensual goddesses mannerist way , and painted views of almost deserted whitewashed Gothic churches . This allows me to focus on light and geometry, with representations of surface textures , they always colorful . The Dutch painter Hendrick Avercamp is also part of my inspirations. His earliest works show his interest in narrative details in the style of Pieter Bruegel the Elder , the creator in the tradition of illuminated calendars , the particular kind of winter landscape. So often do we encounter in the works of Hendrick Avercamp , scattered amidst the multitude of walkers, some familiar to the Flemish tradition trivial elements : men in their need , women from falling into a lewd position , embracing couple .

My childhood was marked by the quaint observation of a representation of a famous painting by Hendrick Avercamp , " Winter Landscape " , c.1608 , 78x132 cm, Rijksmuseum , Amsterdam. This lively and colorful picture , the reduced size while width , features many characters from all social classes, finely drawn , in their entertainment or their regular work . My art consists of drawings small ( 25x35 cm and 25x40 cm) made "‹"‹resistant to permanent marker on a paper thick weight , reflects my interest to detail and focuses on a character or two , naked and often hairy in the background ."
Among contemporary artists, there is an artist that I am closely for several years, is the case of Chinese artist Liu Bolin, rebellious artist, internationally known for his photographs of himself hidden in his work paysages.He inspire me as well as painters of the Dutch Golden Age. Hiding to be seen, as can be his motto. Liu Bolin is lost in the cities , Chinese valleys and the New York streets to show the absence who he was. It has the merit of making us think about the role of the artist in society and its role , especially if it is abused .

Hide, show , bind to the contemporary or ancient urban architecture, producing enigmatic situations , the concept could be titled " seen be seen," this is my plastic approach that I have been pursuing for a decade and behind two messages:

" All roles are playable "
" Why not accept finally the art guide our secret desires "


Marion Tujek
artist Plasticienne
44 rue de Galfingue
68200 Mulhouse
tujek.marion @
Born in 1972 in Thionville (Moselle)
BSc in 1991
Switching to the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg (1992-1994)
Graduated from the School of Art and Design The Wharf Mulhouse
Internship CICV Pierre Schoeffer to Hérimoncourt - Image Assistant (1999


Group exhibitions:

Rencontres de printemps. Ircos.Mulhouse (1999)
Bonnes Nouvelles. CRAC Alsace (2000)
Scandal Beauties. GalleryPorteAvion.Marseille (2000)
Basel-Mulhouse. Mulhouse-Basel. Frei Basel Art Academy (2000)
Small is beautiful.Gallery. Marseille (2000)
Le corpsdélit.GalleryPorteAvion.Marseille(2005)
ArtForum Montreux. Montreux(2007)
ArtMetz. Metz(2007)
Base'Art. Fréjus(2009)
Group Show Gallery PorteAvion. Marseille(2009)
Nicexpo. Nice(2010)
Art of the Prom. Nice(2013)

Personal exhibitions:

"Natures très peu mortes" Kunstler Werkstatt Mehlwaage e. V. (2001)
"X + legs a" GalleryPorteAvion.Marseille(2002)
Gallery Les Singuliers. Paris(2005)