Michele Cannavale

Michele Cannavale

Aversa, Campania, Italy

About Michele Cannavale

Michele Cannavale
Lives and works in Aversa CE Italy , where he was born on 4th June 1962.
He started painting in 1980. His first personal exhibition was held in 1986.
After thirty years of figurative painting, he has made landfall more recently on a “vaguely” geometric abstract style inspired in fractals (irregular or fragmented shape at all scales) in order to construct a compositional architecture in which “to do painting” as Zen meditation and seek its absolute value in those poetic, musical, dynamic, and chromatic aspects that reach beyond visual perception.




1985- I Premio Angela Carugati Napoli

1986- Rassegna Artistica dell'Agro Aversano V Premio Lusciano

1986- Rassegna Concorso d'Arte figurativa V Premio Aversa

1986- Personale A.C.L.I Aversa

1987- Personale Teatro Garibaldi S.Maria Capua Vetere

1988-II Premio Pittura Estemporanea Maddaloni

1989- I Premio PitturaEstemporanea di Casapozzano

1990- Collettiva Pro loco di Aversa

1991- Estemporanea di Pittura D.L.F. III Premio Aversa

1993- Collettiva Artisti contemporanei S.Marco E.

1999- I Rass.d'Arte Sacra "Sulle orme del Sacro" Chiostro S.Francesco Aversa

2003- Scambio di colore Alba (Cuneo)

2003- Collettiva Arte Associazione Leo Club Aversa

2005-III Premio Iommelli e la sua città Ascom Aversa

2007-Collettiva Naonisart Porcia (PN)

2011-Personale "Les Femmes" Colonial Cafè Milano