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Rob Mintz

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Artist, Writer, Curator


University of Southern California, School of Performing Arts, Master of Fine Arts.
University of California at Berkeley, College of Letters and Science, Bachelor of Arts.


Artist Statement for Saatchi Online (2/14)

These paintings on paper encourage a kinesthetic response of tactile and motor sensations --- along with an art-historical decoding of the faktur. A direct appeal to the physiology of perception requires optic agitation. I intend for these paintings to radiate an abstract clarity. On a restless surface forms are suspended in unstable equilibrium, ciphers of the universal solitude. Reflecting consciousness in ways nature cannot, jostling shapes become emblematic of a transpersonal realm. The painter’s jouissance is a call for an end to the reign of necessity, the great dream of utopian fantasy. Kierkegaard wrote of “the infinite passion, the absolute venture.” Art will be that or nothing. My works on paper externalize the drift of subjectivity and autonomous introspection. Often I compose them to contain many smaller images, having absorbed the situation of exhibition: all museums, real or imaginary, place one picture next to another. Kandinsky’s “emanation” (an effect of the interplay of contrasts) already implies a metaphysics of art. The multiple panels of comic strips are an ideal division for the picture plane. I am inspired by flea-markets, weather-beaten walls embellished with graffiti, the impromptu art fairs of the favelas. Anonymous graphic traces symbolize the marred moments of an as yet undisciplined happiness, promulgating the ideal of pure receptivity freed from immediate desire, bearing witness to the great refusal, intransigent and oracular. Graphisms resemble unformed perceptions preceding cognition. Archival methods meet a desire for oblivion as the need to demonstrate potentially infinite variations satisfies my repetition compulsion, illustrating the truth of Rimbaud’s famous catch-phrase: Je est un autre. In some works, fragments of writing provoke a rage of erasure creating the substrata for a glowing surface. Drowned in a torrent of deletions, half-glimpsed phrases become talismanic. In a spangled grotto, an inner landscape of text --- hieroglyphs of synesthesia.


1987 Solo show of paintings, A Votre Santé Cafe, Brentwood, California.
1989 Group Show, 900 East First Street, Downtown Arts District, Los Angeles.
1990 Focus on Traction, curator Qathryn Brehm, Gallery IV, Arts District.
1995 Pack of Lies, Group Show, Sixteen Works on Paper, San Diego.
1997 Souvenir Shop, Group Show, Site Gallery, Brewery Art Complex, Los Angeles.
2006 Conversations, Group Show, OCCCA, Santa Ana, Ca.
2006 Food Without Faces, Humanitaire at the Camp, Costa Mesa, Ca.
2006 Juxtaposition, with Paul Conrad and Laura Hines-Jurgens, OCCCA.
2008 Big, Group Show, “Eighty Book Jackets,” OCCCA, Santa Ana, Ca.
2009 The Art of Imaging, Group Show, Mission Hospital, OCCCA.
2009 Jecca Plus One, works on paper, OCCCA.
2010 Inexpressible, wall text for large calligraphic installation, OCCCA.
2011 You First, co-curator with Dalibor Polivka, OCCCA.
2013 The Search (in conjunction with JPL), OCCCA.
2014 The Art of Stem Cells (in conjunction with UCI), OCCCA.