Preciada Azancot

Preciada Azancot

Jávea (Alicante), Spain

About Preciada Azancot

Preciada is a Sephardic and belongs to an old and aristocratic family that, expelled from Spain in 1492, established in Morocco. She was born in Fez on March 25th, 1943 and lived in Tangiers with her family until she was nineteen, when she got married and went to live to Rabat. She studied in French colleges and universities. She studied International Law and then two Masters, one in International Relations and the other on Politics, along with a Doctorate in Public International Law. Nowadays, she has the Spanish citizenship, and lives between Madrid and Paris.

Preciada Azancot is an Organizational Engineer, a Doctor in Law, a Master in International Relations and Politics, a Transactional Analyst, a Management Consultant and the President of MAT21 (; she is also a writer (more than 15 books) and a blogger ( Here is a very little sample of her complete works.


As a painter, Preciada had done very much individual exhibitions and had excellent Art Reviews, where she is recognized as a very innovative talent, and founder of a new painting style: The Transformational Expressionism. ,