Urban Hedin

Urban Hedin

Bingsta, Jämtlands Län, Sweden

About Urban Hedin

I´m a painter and live in the north of Sweden, and I´m also a musician and composer.
In a period of time I work as musician, both in bands and on theatres.
I live in a little village called Bingsta, and have a separate where my studio is. It´s not lot of room for working, theres paintings everywhere, but it is an inspiring invironment.
I´m like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde when it comes to creating art.When I paint, for example, oil paint on canvas, the color and shape that apply are very physical. But with ipad, the digital art for me often deals with dadaism, photo-based, and more psychological and narative art. I´ve never been able to decide for one of the ways, I´m just following. my heart.


Bollnäs Folkhögskola '92 (art)

Bollnäs Folkhögskola '78(music)



Exhibitions in selections...
”The castle” Gavle, group exhibition 1991
”If not...” touring exhibition with paintings and poems in the community of Gavle 1992
”Bergrenska Garden” Gavle group exhibition 1992
”Art Center”, Gavle group exhibition ” Mare Balticum” 1993
”Galleri K”, Gavle separate exhibition 1994
Robackens school, Sundsvall, decoration commission 1996
”Tivsjo farm”, Torpshammar, separate exhibition 1996
”Naturum”, Borgsjo, separate exhibition, 1997, 1999
”Västerbottensteatern”, stage design, 1998
”Galleri K”, Gavle separate exhibition, 2000
”The people Theater”, Gavle, stage design, 2001
”The Hospital of Sundsvall”, decoration commission, spring 2002
” The Hospital of Sunsvall”, decoration commission, spring and autumn 2002
” South Theater” Sundsvall, stage design, 2005
” The Stable Galleri”, Svenstavik, separate exhibition 2014
Galleri M sepatate exhibition Svenstavik 2015
"Osd" separate exhibition in Ostersund 2016
Galler K separate exhibition Gavle 2017
"Kristaller" stage design and digital paintings 2017