Andrew Stys

Andrew Stys

Croydon, Outside US, United Kingdom

About Andrew Stys

dou_ble_you: multi-media artist, currently based in Croydon UK.


Degree in art received at Priory House, UK, 28.12.2008, at the hands of Roger Lee, the sculptor... check video footage
I have a diploma in Architecture as well.


September 2017.
My collage work was published in BACCALÀ, large format bi-annual fashion, art, & photography magazine.


participated recently in the following exhibitions:
August 2020. "upset Apple cart" group exhibition in Cambria, California, USA. 22 international artists exhibiting. Show curated By Carol Chalifoux.

May 2019, Minuscule, a 'collateral' exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

April 2019. 'Brexit', an exhibition at 35 Blumen Gallery in Krefeld, Germany. Exhibited triptych collage and composed the soundtrack for the opening night. Check the music here

March 2019. 'The Politics of Moisture' at the Siger Gallery, London. My video, 'Blue', was presented as part of the show.

March 2019. 'Minuscule 2'. Cross Lane Projects in Kendal.

October 2018. 'Protocol' - group exhibition of London art fringe in Q-Park, Cavendish Square. Exhibited "Three Improvised Sculptural Devices", an installation.

June 2017. Exhibited my Tickets to Ride series at a London squat in Camden Town.