Evgeniya Korneeva

Evgeniya Korneeva

Moscow, Russia Moscow, Russia

About Evgeniya Korneeva

Korneeva Eugeniya, a contemporary Russian artist.
The author's works performed in various genres of easel oil painting.

I hope that getting acquaintance with my work will give you a few pleasant minutes.

All direct from the Artist. Only original Oil Painting - all my PAINTING IS NOT A PRINT OF ANY KIND. This is only original hand painted piece by professional Russian artist.
You can see the process of creating any of my work.

Author's art photo is presented in UVIRCOLOR part.
I work with multispectral photography
and offer photos for the interior.
My photographic method was made using an author's combination of LEDs, it is not used anywhere else in the world.

I wish you a pleasant viewing. Thank you for watching.


2008 - graduated from Russian Academy of Painting of Sculpture and Architecture named after Ilya Glazunov.

2001 - graduated from the Kalinin Moscow Art College of Applied Arts.


❀ 2019 - 3rd place in the competition: Audience Award "MOSCOW HOLIDAYS - 2019".
❀ 2019 - 3rd place at the exhibition in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
❀ 2019 - For active participation in the creation of art works dedicated to the Day of the State Inspection for Road Safety.
❀ 2019 - For participating in the open-air plein air “Winter's Tale”.
❀ 2018 - For participating in the Moscow Autumn open air plein air.
❀ 2013 - For active participation in the creation of the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812 in Moscow.


❀ From 08/28/19 to 09/13/2019, the exhibition "Moscow: "The city and people" in the Moscow City Duma (Federation Council), is dedicated to the 852nd anniversary of the founding of Moscow.
❀ 30/08/19 - 09/15/2019 Historical and art exhibition "EARTH - MOON: the route is built!" Exhibition Hall "Tushino".
❀ August 30 to September 15, 2019. Exhibition: "ARTISTS - to MOSCOW." Exhibition Hall "Tushino".
❀ Июня June 24 - July 8, 2019 “BY THE EYES OF ARTS: ROAD SAFETY” Special Purpose Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.
❀ 06/10/2019 - 06/17/2019 "Music of the cities". Moscow. House Nashchokin.