Vanessa Kazmierski

Vanessa Kazmierski

About Vanessa Kazmierski

Vanessa is a London-based artist, having moved down from Manchester ten years ago. She was originally born in Mexico, and was raised there for seven years. With her mother working as a professional ceramic artist, she sat and painted with her from the age of three, and so a love of art was in-built at a very early age. This, together with the bold, bright colours of Mexico have inspired most of her work today.

Vanessa pursued her artistic interests through school, art college and university and now is an Art Director in Advertising. She has been painting for the past fourteen years in her spare time, and her main ambition is for her art to be known and recognised. She incorporates her artistic influence in her Art Direction, but whilst her work helps sell the product and has occasionally won awards, there are still many constraints. These paintings are her outlet of pure creative freedom.

Her influences mainly come from from Mexican art, Pop art and various illustrators such as Andrew Holder. It is both the simplicity and balance of bold colours that inspires her pieces.

She uses Photoshop and Illustrator to plan out a lot of her pieces to choose shapes and colours. Once the foundation is created, it is translated onto paper or canvas, and then additional layers are added. Acrylic is the main medium, together with occasional enhancements such as gold leaf or jewels.

Vanessa paints customised pieces, made for any interior. The smaller canvases can also create clocks, go around corners, or up stairs, as shown in the example below.

If you would like to buy any of the pieces currently on show or would like to get in touch or find out more, please do not hesitate to contact Vanessa .