Victoria Velozo

Victoria Velozo

Wollongong, nsw, Australia

About Victoria Velozo

I create contemporary semi-abstracts. My style is quite unique as it combines two artistic styles. I have blended contemporary abstract oil painting with traditional realism watercolour. I delight in combining these genres as I love the softness of the watercolour in contrast to the vibrancy of the oil paint. I also enjoy the contrast of the Realism and Abstract movements.
In this body of work I hope to encourage a connection to the environment. In their non-disturbed state grassy plains are magnificent, and vibrant parts of biological tapestry. Once covering vast tracts of the continent’s plains. The grassland are now among the most vulnerable and endangered habitats due to urbanization. I express the rugged beauty by focusing on the birds and animals that live in this environment.


o Bachelor of Creative Arts: University of Wollongong, Australia
o Bachelor of Science, Psychology: University of Wollongong Australia
o Artist of the Year Certificate 2018/19 awarded January 2019 USA
o Award of excellence Certificate fine art. awarded November 2018 USA
o RAVA advanced watercolor Sydney Australia
o Senior Art Therapist Greenacres Disability Services, current 2019
o Organizer and Curator of the Greenacres Disability Services art exhibitions
o Teacher - 4 Painting workshops at Wollongong City Gallery December 2017
o Art Arena Gallery and Studio President, 2015
o Illawarra Ceramics Society member since 2016
o IAVA premium member since 2015
o 4 murals for the Wollongong City Council Botanic Gardens
o Abstract workshop by Lorna Crane
o Red Point Artist Association exhibiting member, current, 2019
o Sculpture, tutored by Bert Fugleman Wollongong University


NEWS! been through 2 selection processes and will now exhibit Guangzhou Art Museum May 15-29, 2021
 Maoming City Museum: June 10th to July 5th, 2021


International Competition selected in the final to exhibit at the Guangzhou Art Museum then tour to Maoming City Museum
 Guangzhou Art Museum May 15-29, 2021
 Maoming City Museum: June 10th to July 5th, 2021
International Solo exhibition. Micro Oxygenation Company Co. Beijing January 2021
International Women Of The World NYC USA rescheduled for April 2021
International Art Basel Spectrum Miami USA December 2019
International Recycle & Nature Micro Oxygenation Company Co Guangzhou Nov 2019
International Solo exhibition. Micro Oxygenation Company Co. Guangzhou April 2019
International Art investment Organization Shenzhen China Sept 2018
International Chinese and Western Art exchange Shenzhen, Beijing. China 2018
International Contemporary Art Show Shenzhen China May 2018
International ‘The Other Art Fair’ March Sydney Australia 2018
International Asia Contemporary Art Show Shenzhen China May 2017
International Asia Contemporary Art Show September Hong Kong 2016
International Contemporary Exhibition Kolkata India June 2016
International Sydney City Woolloomooloo Sydney Australia 2016
International Raw Contemporary Artists Exhibition, 2016
International ‘Small World Exhibition’. Perth Australia 2016
International Raw Project Brick Lane London 2015