Victoria Kloch

Victoria Kloch

Dublin, CA, United States

About Victoria Kloch

We are partners through thick and thin. We both grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, USA. Kurt specializes in shaped canvas geometrics and Victoria modern expressionism.

VICTORIA KLOCH: My paintings have been received by collectors throughout the USA and 18 countries. Each piece is motivated mostly by color and movement that has developed over the years to modern abstract and my love for mid century art. The master artists that bring me my inspiration is Richard Diebenkorn and Maurice Esteve.

KURT WEDGLEY: I have so many interests in art and science that it is hard for me to find one thing only to continue with. I have always been attracted to those things complex. I like making them. There is no greater fulfillment for me than coming up with an idea and building it from scratch. To see something in my head and with my hands, create it in reality. Back when I was building props and sets for commercials, one of the producers called me a "space manipulator" because of my ability to imagine something and produce it a short time later. I love tools. They are a direct extension of my mind. I am a craftsman, artist and technician. I have wanted to build everything I own since I was a kid. I think I would need a few lifetimes for that. Sculpted canvases are a good fit for me now as I can take them many directions. My inspiration is Frank Stella.

To our collectors, at the beginning of each day, our on-going body of work is dedicated to bring you growing value to the Kloch-Wedgley legacy in the world of art.


Victoria Kloch:
_The BBC's DIY SOS: The Big Build used both of Victoria Kloch's paintings, 'Mind Travel' and 'This Side of Town' for their 27th season - 2nd episode in the award winning DIY TV show for deserving families.
_COASTAL LIVING MAGAZINE has featured Victoria's painting 'Transcend' in their May issue 2015. Look for 101 Beach House Must - Haves.
Kurt Wedgley:
ABI ' Business Arts Institute Org.' interview.