Victor van de Lande

Victor van de Lande

Sint Annaland, Netherlands

About Victor van de Lande

I would describe my paintings as abstract-expressionist paintings. I paint from an inner need, searching for the right visualisation of the sensation I would like to portrait. I know this sounds a bit ponderous – I guess it is simply too difficult to express in words what I aim for in my work.

To me, painting is the emergence of scenic relations - you can play with it until you reach a compelling, coherent result. I prefer to paint from a certain presence of things, a white empty canvas scares me, I quickly apply layers of colour, and then the process itself begins.

The emphasis in my paintings is the scenic relations within the painting, things like contrast, volume, movement, structure, and rhythm among other things. A search that should result in a balanced image, in which a certain tension is still palpable. This search often leads to my paintings being built up in several layers. I therefore like to work with acrylics: this type of paint dries fast - so I can react quickly and spontaneously on my own tracks in the paint.

Since I remember, I have been drawing and painting. Throughout my life, family has been a big inspiration – we got four children and are a very close family. Not too long ago, I decided to give up my work as an art teacher and move to an area close to the beach, in the middle of nowhere, where me and my wife are slowly renovating an old farmhouse, dated from before 1850. We do everything ourselves - with the cheapest materials we come across – which gives the house a personal and artistic touch. At the time of writing, I am building a huge floor in the old stalls with a lot of windows – to become my atelier.

If you would like to know more about my work, see more paintings than the ones displayed on this website, or are interested in one of the paintings, please contact me. You are of course more than welcome to pay me a visit in my atelier. Through this site you can leave a message. You can email me directly at Thanks so much for your interest.


Art Academy Sint Joost - Breda, the Netherlands