Vittorio Selleri

Vittorio Selleri

Milan, Italy

About Vittorio Selleri

Living and working in Milan - Italy -
The work of the artist is complex: technique,style,inspirations, materials, medium, updating and other are elements always changing, so consequently the artwork changes.Personally I like to seek and experiment new techniques, new styles, new trends but art should be not only a continous research of the new
but a deepening of old reasons. So sometimes I like to
work on old paintings that i started in the past to find a new inspiration.


Artistic High School - Bologna-Italy, Diploma
Academy of Fine Arts of Brera -Milan, Diploma


When student he won the 2nd national Prize INA-Touring for drawing (Milan-Italy) and a schoolarship to continue his studies (Trieste-Italy)


Acqui Print Prize 2019, Acqui Terme-Italy
Miniprint Dreux 2016-France
Acqui Print Prize 2015, Acqui Terme-Italy
Salon Brera 2015-Milan
Print Biennial of Split -Croatia 2015
Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense -Milan 2013
Galleria Accademia , Milan 2011
Casa delle Culture del Mondo, Milan 2011
Chiesa di San Carpoforo, Milan 2008