Ron Halfant

Ron Halfant

Costa Mesa, CA, United States

About Ron Halfant

About The Artist
For the past number of years my realization lies in abstract art. With liquid color the possibilities are endless. The direction of color and design can open up all sane and insane emotions with excitement or calmness to stir the emotions of the viewer. Painting is a wonderful journey not always knowing where it will lead. A romantic painting speaks to the heart and soul of the viewer.

The abstract paintings of Ron Halfant represent perhaps what is most fundamental to him, not just as an artist but as a person as well: a love affair with color and an unbound freedom resting between the colors of paint and his spontaneous reaction to blank white canvas. He tells anyone who asks about process that he follows no formal set of rules, no scripted sense of color or texture, nor does he envision any end product as he works; rather, he lets his intuition lead the way. He explains: “My goal is not to create anything specific in the beginning but rather to unleash the intense desire to create with beautiful colors and shapes which evoke thought and emotion.” The journey itself is the point and the purpose for Mr. Halfant as he expresses what is happening
I like to use vivid, bright colors. Warm against cool tones. Rich colors against muted hues. Heavy texture utilizing a palette knife. Always look forward to those successful mistakes I work quickly and vigorously. I work dynamically, but as part of my working method, after a few days I bring out the picture again to emphasize/highlight certain details. These paintings our rich in texture and tropical colors. The paintings were created with acrylic paint with the use of a palette knife.


Art Center College of Design - Major Graphic Design
& Illustration
Cal State Fullerton College - Major Fine Art
Los Angeles Trade Tech - Commercial Art


Art Fusion Gallery Exhibit - Florida 2012
Xavier Abstract Exhibit - Florida 2012
Florida Arts Festival - Florida 2013
Linus Galleries Exhibit - 2014
Brea Art Gallery Visual Show - 2015
The Painting Center, Group Exhibition Venice CA 2017
2017 Abstract Exhibit
Art Center of Laguna Beach 2017
Summer Escape Exhibition, San Francisco 2017