Ventsislav Zankov

Ventsislav Zankov

sofia, Bulgaria

About Ventsislav Zankov

“While he graduated in sculpture, Ventsislav Zankov is best known as one of the first action and performance artists in the country. His artistic activity provokes just the same strong interest, both towards his work and to his personality. In his worldly and artistic philosophy there is somewhat of a paradox – he is convinced of the insignificance of human existence and at the same time believes in the power of the human spirit. Distinguishing in this way the spirit of being through his art – a synthesis of spirit and matter, he creates forms that live in parallel with our reality. If his goal was to create a kind of psychically charged material, he has succeeded – the powerful form and grand scale of his sculptures and paintings is the conductor of his views on the ideal...”

Nadia Timova



2016 Certified Master Film and Television Arts, New Bulgarian University

2014 psychodrama-assistant (consultant) training programme in psychodrama, sociometry and group therapy, diploma № 222/13.07.2014, PSYCHOTERAPY 2000 FOUNDATION, member of the Federation of European Psychodrama Training Organizations (FEPTO)

2013 Ph.D in visual arts, New Bulgarian University

1988 M.A. in Fine Arts, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria, Department of Sculpture



2020 GLASS, GAS AND ELECTRICITY sariev gallery 21 DECEMBER 2020 – 2 FEBRUARY 2021
22.09-27.09.2020 PARALLEL Vienna, presented by Monev Contemporary
FOR FANS ONLY 17-31 DEC.2020 Arosita Gallery, Sofia

2019 Invisible cities – Samples on Art in Public Space, Plovdiv part of the program of “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019″
OPEN ART FILES: NOTES AND FOOTNOTES The project is part of the program of “Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019″
Painting Technology in Contemporary Art. City Art Gallery, Blagoevgrad



2020 IN FRONT OF ME, sculpture, painting, neon, the Raiko Aleksiev Gallery, Sofia

2016 THE LAST BURGHERS OF CALAIS, sculpture ONE gallery Artium – Serdika offices


2014 Oh, Happy Days ‘Rayko Aleksiev’ gallery Union of Bulgarian Artists Sofia

2012 Out Of /The/ Time - Inappropriate Sculpture and drawing Vuzrazhdane gallery, Plovdiv

2011 The Last Boudoir 1991 -20 years later Sculpture, blood and video ‘Rayko Aleksiev’ gallery Union of Bulgarian Artists Sofia

New Ghostly Painings/ we are now all shadows/ „Rakursi“ Art Gallery, Sofia

Post-romanticism. Reloaded – Berlin, Bulgarian cultural center

2010 The road left rests behind us, drawing, Art 36 Gallery, Sofia