Katia Weyher

Katia Weyher

Cahors, Midi-Pyrenees, France

About Katia Weyher


I consider lyricism as the main trait of my painting, the lyricism with which the contemporary art has a lot of scruples, preferring cynicism instead.

In spite of somewhat musty term, I would call myself a lyricist. For me lyricism is a demonstration of genuine joy of being in the face of drama of our times. I'm not closing my eyes on tragedies and feats, but try to look seriously at the abyss of the human life.

Lyricism in painting for me is a tender love for the visible world, the pleasure of depicting its details, which I see as different voices in the orchestra of human feelings and perceptions.

In figurative painting I look for the color schemes which create an array of allusions and associations, in the same time weaving its abstract pattern of light and shadow, faces and their expressions, delight and irony towards my personages.

In the past I was more fascinated by landscapes, by their colors and aromas, by their everlasting fickleness. Now the more I peer at human faces, the more they attract me; the more I look at creations of human hands, the more amazing and enigmatic they seem to me.

I choose the oil painting, somewhat musty medium as well, as a primary venue of expression of my lyricism for its sublime mystery of brushstrokes and its symphonic possibilities of color. At times, though, I turn to sculpture, photography, installation, performance and cinema to express my joy of life.
site internet: www.katiaweyher.com
videos: www.videodoc.portfoliobox.net


Ecole de Beaux-Arts


The website of the virtual exhibition , the result of work by Master 2 Heritage students, Toulouse II Jean Jaurès University, Cahors. "Le Lot site, land of creations. The relationship between art and landscape from 1850 to the present day", where Katia Weyher is listed:https://artetpaysagedanslelot.fr/1980-a-nos-jours/
Exposition Art contemporain
"Foret enchantée"2014
internet site www.katiaweyher.com
videos: www.videodoc.portfoliobox.net
VIDEOS:"Paintig live"
Landscape painting https://youtu.be/Qrt9o-ZLc6k
Portrait painting https://youtu.be/rsccknFND7Y


Figuration Critique -Exposition 2013,
Bastille Design Center, PARIS
Salon d'Automne 2013 PARIS