Wilfred Wittmann

Wilfred Wittmann

About Wilfred Wittmann

I'm an emerging contemporary artist from England. My main interests are in portraits, but essentially art that feels fresh, striking and thought provoking.

I am currently at a stage in my art career where I am developing and I have a lot of ideas and impulses, I may go in a variety of directions in my early years to see what people want and in what my identifiable style is.

Currently women are a strong inspiration in my art, so are cultural themes but ultimately anything that stirs emotion within us and is captured in those special moments that live with us. I want people to appreciate the skill used in the artwork but also in what inspires the art and that it can inspire others.

In the near future I want to be able to use my own photography to inspire my art, I need to build more to get to the point where I can travel more freely and use my own eye to capture images, so until then the majority of what helps inspire my work is as a result of my experiences and what I research online.