Maricela Salas Rico

Maricela Salas Rico

Quintana Roo, Puerto Morelos , Mexico

About Maricela Salas Rico

I am Maricela, I was born in Mexico City little over 4 decades ago.

In a small apartment in Mexico City I had my bedroom, which I used to share with my mother, it was constantly full of illustration cut outs and scissors (my mom was a hairdresser). I also kept pieces of old boxes that I pasted with my grandma’s glue to create little houses and moving cars.
 I used to play with my wooden pencil case; the colours became couples and married, although the browns were eternal loners. With my mother's hair razor I learned how to sharpen each one of them.
When walking to school I would look at planes flying above me in the sky and I thought “when I grow up I will travel a lot”.
Flying must be wonderful!
My introduction to the theory of visual arts was with a book called Los 100 Grandest de la Pictura (The100 Greatest Painters) I was 10 years old when my godmother gave me this book and I was enchanted by it.

Currently, I live in the south east of Mexico in the tranquil place near the sea, developing my artistic productions evermore.


Later on I studied in the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, La Esmeranlda. In Dublin, Ireland, I studied in Dun Laugher Institute of Art Design and Technology and in Bally Fermont Segnior College. 
Later I travelled to Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and started a family and the new life, I created multiple exhibitions and two wonderful children


2015 Colectiva, Festival internacional del Caribe, Instituto de Cultura de Cancún.
2015 Colectiva, Muestra de Artes Viasuales 2015, Casa De la Cultura de Cancún
2015 Colectiva, SOMAAP en el Teatro de la Ciudad de Playa del Carmen
2015 Colectiva, “Una obra nos visita”, Biblioteca de la Universidad Marista de Mérida
2015 Individual, Sala Ollin Yoliztli, Espacios no convencionales, develando una placa conmemorativa a los 15 años de Nueva danza, Nueva Música.
2014 Colectiva, Festival internacional de la palabra por la paz en Puerto Morelos Quintana Roo.
2014 Colectiva, SOMAAP, Delegación de la península de Yucatan, representada en el Festival Internacional Tamaulipas 2014.
2014 Colectiva, SOMAAP, El Cuerpo Femenino, Centro Cultural Olimpo, Mérida, Yucatán
2013 Individual, Festival del Caribe, Museo de la Cultura Maya, Chetumal Q.R.
2013 Colectiva, Bienal de Artistas Visuales de Cancún, Cancún Q.R.
2012 Colectiva, “Año de la Cultura Maya 2012”, Puerto Morelos México
2009 Colectiva, “...Y algo más”, Galería Espacio, Morges, Suiza
2009 Colectiva, Site de Bellelay Espace galerie, Bienne, Suiza
2008 Individual, Galerie Le mur, Ginebra, Suiza
2007 Colectiva, Galerie Temple du bas, Neuchâtel, Suiza
2007 Individual, Site de Bellelay Espace galerie, Bienne, Suiza
2006 Individual, Space Noir Galerie, Saint-Imier, Suiza
2006 Colectiva, La Galerie du château, Neuchâte,Suiza
2006 Colectiva, “México en Suiza 2006”, Couvet, Suiza
2004 Colectiva, “Œuvres sur papier”, Galeria Espacio, Morges, Suiza
2003 Colectiva, Salon Arts and Créations, Ginebra, Suiza
2002 Individual, “Episodes”, Galerie Dupeyron, Neuchâtel, Suiza
2001 Individual, “De parches y encerramientos”, Espacio Animalote, Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

2001 Individual, “ Parches de color II” SRE Cancún, México
2000 Individual, “ Barcas” Museo de la Cultura Maya, Chetumal, C.C. Cancún, C.C. Carrillo Puerto, México
2000 Individual, “Parches y Colores” Museo Arqueológico de Cancún, México
1996 Individual, “Esta Soy yo” Centro Cultural Luis Spota, D.F., México