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YuChun Chen

New Taipei, Taiwan


陳玉純 is my Chinese name. IG@mongolhill
I based in Taiwan.
For me, art is like: we are mirrors and at the same time the faces in the mirror.
Every painting is a mirror and a window, taking us beyond painting to question ourselves.


A person thumb

Drawing16.1 W x 20.9 H x 1.2 D in

The Town.小鎮 thumb

Painting33.5 W x 33.5 H x 3.1 D in

The Legend of Taiwan Golden-rain Tree.欒樹傳奇 thumb

Painting25.6 W x 22.6 H x 2.8 D in

Time I.時間I thumb

Painting19.7 W x 19.7 H x 2 D in

Muse.繆思 thumb

Painting26.2 W x 33.9 H x 2 D in

The Nighttime Chant.夜間之歌 thumb

Painting31.5 W x 26.8 H x 2 D in

The Patient.患者 thumb

Painting22 W x 27.6 H x 3.1 D in

Mirror.鏡子 thumb

Painting35.4 W x 35.4 H x 2.4 D in

Adventures of the Moon.月球奇遇記 thumb

Painting34.3 W x 34.3 H x 2.6 D in

View All 9 Artworks

inside the studio

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This is my small and cozy studio.