Yu Ji

Yu Ji

beijing, China

About Yu Ji

19071965More works:www.saatchi-gallery.co.uk/stuart/StudentArt/ast_id/23051Yu Ji graduated from Sichuan Fine Art Institute. In his attending of contemporary art activities over 10 years, he creates freely with a variety of media and uncertain experimental approaches, and his works covered the fields of performance, installation, photography, video and painting etc. Generally, he started form the objectivity of body and the falseness of identity, carrying on researches on the issues of authenticity that related to the multiple links between human's situation in reality and the cultural perspective. His early works were presented by taking subjective body experiences as performance of experience, and gradually he transferred to the interpretation of live art, by which he constructed the controlling of transformation between everyday behaviors and dramatic plots, to reveal and express the influence and views of modernity on human's alienation. The current practices of Yu Ji rely on emotional instinct rather than experience, by the boundless historical imagination and the sub-narrative reality he searches for the fragments of the evolution of things around, the dramatic effects of happenings, and the timing appearance of physical phenomena, in an attempt to make graphic solution of the humanity history, the practical politics, the game of social system, the cultural consumption, and the complexity and ambiguity of life and humanity. Thus, he could achieve the representation of the re-appearance of people and things. In short, his works try to see through the Chinese tradition, to express the disordered and ambiguous complex mentality of contemporary Chinese intellectuals when they are facing the reality of internationalization and the cultural patterns of future, in which he reveals the custom constructed by a new kind of human relations and its historic beauty with dreariness, which would presents it as a general visual form of absolute individual experience from the personal perspective.


1992: BFC, Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.
Works and lives in Beijing.


Mountain is not its height--Yu Ji's Solo Exhibition Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China

White Horse--Yu Ji's Solo Exhibition A Thousand Plateaus Art Space,Chengdu, 7,11,2009.
Acnestis--Yu Ji's Solo Exhibition Bizart, Shanghai, 10,31,2009.

As Smoke and Clouds--Yuji Solo exhibition Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdan,Holend

Yuji OEM Image Project--1:My younger brother's first film exercise 2577 Creative Space, Shanghai

Beauty washing my feet during an hour 31 Bookstore, Chengdu, China
Lick to Breathe Chengdu Academy of Painting, Chengdu, China


Conception as Enzyme A4 Gallery, Chengdu, China
Cruzando el Hoeizonte-Exposicón de Art Contemporàneo de China Museo Nacional de Bellas Arts de Santiago de Chile, June 17th, 2010
Reshaping History--Chinaart from 2000 to 2010 China National Convention Center, Beijing,May,4,2010

Photography in China KerseboomGallery,Amsterdan,Holend, October 15
Bourgeoisified Proletariat Songjiang Creative Workshop / Bizart, Shanghai, 2009.9.10
Obstruction A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, July 28, 2009
How do I know about the world? By what is within me Scope New York, March 14 2009
A Starting Point: Intrude 366--Dynamics of change and growth, from1, Jan.to 31, Dec, 2008 Shanghai Zendai MoMA, 1,18,2009

Chinese Freedom T SPACE, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, 6th December, 2008
Organ project Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, China, November 18,2008
EXQUISITE CORPSE: China Surreal M97 Gallery, Shanghai, November 1, 2008
乐, Joy, --A4 size(210x300mm) Sketch-Drawing Exhibition, Pax Art Project Space, Beijing, 10.2008
The Shape of Life--The Invitational Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Artistic Themes Phoenix museum (Nanjing).
The Evolution of Concept-Chinse concept photography ten year Tense Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
Art is not anything--45 Surveys of China Contemporary Art 2008 Dashanzi Art Festival, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
Art Charratority China--2008 China Contemporary Art international Tour Exhibition Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts
Insomnia photographys exhibition, BizArt Art Center, Shanghai
Building Code ViolationsⅡ Long March Space, 798 Art Zone, Beijing

Lianzhou International Photo Festival :The Alchemy of Shadows(2007LIPF) Lianzhou,China, 12,08,2007
Prism--Chinese New Medium Exhibition Art Gallery of Austria chancellor's office. Vienna, November, 27 2007
Grassroots Gumanism: 21 Cases of Contemporary Art Songzhuang Committee for Promoting Art, 8, November

Post Avant-Garde Chinese Contemporary Art: Four Directions of the New Era Attinghouse, Hong Kong, 31, October 2007
Echoes: Chengdu New Visual Art Documentary Exhibition A Thousand Plateaus Art Space, Chengdu,China, 12,09,2007
Rejected Collection Ke Center for Contemporary Arts, Shanghai
FIGURE/LANSCAPE/FIGURE-Contemporary Photography of China Youngblood Gallery, New York, USA
Dream Palace A-Space, 1 Art Base of Beijing
Art Amsterdam Amsterdam 2007 Artfair, Kerseboom Gallery, Amsterdan,Holend
Chinese Performance photography Exhibition Inter Gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
The third Guizhou Biennale Guiyang,China
Starting from the Southwest-Exhibition of Contemporary in Southwest China Guangzhou Arts Museum,Guangzhou,China

Photograph outside of photograph The first gallery, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
A TICKET TO BEIJING Willem.Kerseboom modern & contemporary art, Amsterdam, Holland
Lust Unfulfilled Desire, Vanessa art link, Jakarta, Indonesia
Black white Zoo, Taipei Huashan Creative Cultural District, Taipei, China
Common Link Vanessa Art Link, 798 Art Zone, Beijing
New folk movement—the reconstruct of the commonality living contemporary art exhibition Songzhuang, Beijing
“Size Decides Attitude”First 5×7'' Picture-Taking Biennale Project Pingyao, China
The First MoCA Envisage—Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity Shanghai MoCA,Shanghai
Confuse & Life Fun Art Space,798 Art Zone, Beijing
38 Solo exhibitions Bizart, Shanghai, China
High art--from Contemporary Shanghai Art Paris, France
CHINARTE Titanik media Space SUMU ,Turku, Finland, 10.3.2006

Maze--multimedia performance exhibition Dream Factory laboratorial art center, Shannghai)
Ten becoming ten Songzhao Eadquarters, brjing, 24,12,2005
The City’s Skin--Feasibility Research for Contemporary Metropolis Image Exhibition Shenzhen Art Museum, Macao Tap Seac Gallery, 3.12.2005)
Conspire--Beijing TS1 Contemporary Art Center 1st Exhibition TS1, bejing
Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Arts - Call for Submissions The Macao Museum of Art
East Wind-West Wind--Shanghai Mixed Media Art Exhibition the creek art center, Shanghai,3.11.2005
Power of body, Blue Gallery,Chengdu,China, 24.11. 2005
24 hours-- Live art Project-5 Beijing Movie-making Factory, Beijing, China