Yumiko Irei-gokce

Yumiko Irei-gokce

Chicago / Inverness, IL

About Yumiko Irei-gokce

My work stands as an aesthetic bridge between two disparate cultures. I fuse Japanese perception, a sense of structure, space, color, texture, materials, and method into American Expressionistic art-making. I am a native of Japan living and working as an artist in the Chicago area.

In recent years, Works-on-Paper, featuring monotype printmaking and mixed-medium with drawing, has been my chief medium. My monotype print is pulled through the etching press after images are drawn directly onto the Plexiglas plate. I combine unconventional tools and methods including ; inkjet, photo-transfer, polymer intaglio, and collage in conventional fine art printmaking.

My imageries are rather representational yet conceptual. They resonate references to the worlds of landscape / earthscape. Plant-inspired organic growth, the mysterious forces of vegetation life, and outbursts of germination are often my subjects. Using the detail and flow of contours with visual masses and flux while implementing repetitive and vigorous strokes, I conceive the texture of earth -- gravel, soil, sand, sticks, twins, and mulch -- directly onto the surface of plate.

Alongside earthscapes, conflicting or seemingly irrelevant visual elements are juxtaposed in the artwork. Images of mundane trash laying atop the nourishing earth serve as visual archives to the witness of time, source materials, and social phenomena.

I practice a form of conceptual-art that places words and messages onto the visual ground to create an earthscape in a picture plane to oppose mass-consumerism and resist political corruption. I bring social satire into my artwork as a catalyst for my support of environmental concerns in our era of globalization.


Osaka University of Arts(formerly Naniwa University of the Arts)in Japan, obtained diplomas in Bauhaus method of graphic design under prominent;Josef Muller Brockmann of Switzerland, the Oxbow school of the Arts Institutes of Chicago for Printmaking and the certificate from Gakushoin;The School of Calligraphy in Tokyo.


Previous Exhibitions:

PrintsTokyo2012; International Print Exhibition Tokyo at
The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum
5th~19th October 2012

85th Exhibition of Professional Members at The Arts Club of Chicago
7 June~ 17 August 2012

The 84th Exhibition of Artist Members at The Arts Club of Chicago
from February 1, 2011 to March 18, 2011

STROKES of GENIUS : A Fine Art Painting, National Exhibition
Maryland Federation of Art, Annapolis MD, USA
July 14 ~ Aug. 7, 2011

SOCIAL JUSTICE,Juried Exhibition
The Ink Shop Printmaking Center & Olive Branch Press
Ithaca, NY, USA
Sept.2 ~ Sept.28, 2011