Zlatka Paneva

Zlatka Paneva

Los Angeles, CA, United States

About Zlatka Paneva

Multidisciplinary artist Zlatka Paneva creates images that lay somewhere in between reality and surrealism. Her humorous and innovative approach creates uniqueness in composition, execution and meaning with a definitive storytelling manner in them. Unexpected inhabitants live in landscapes that stem from the world around us, however, often depict a reality gone awry. Sometimes the dream is magical, and other times, it is jarring.
Zlatka's work declares its affiliation to such art historical movements as Pop, Surrealism, and Dada, all of which similarly experimented with the found image to create new and unanticipated combinations, entering a collision of visual information.

Paneva's artwork is created through an elaborate process. The artist, whose background is in Fine Arts and sculpture, has developed a distinct style uniting technology and skill. Her work is produced through a range of hand and digital processes that create simultaneously familiar and completely fresh results. She uses two types of processes throughout her body of work: printing techniques and painting.
Z Paneva is a full-time artist creating, mixed media paintings, collages and more
The prints and illustrations from her Rococco-LA collection have become cult images and are sold all around the world with much success.


MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria
Residency"Delta" studio in Milan, Italy


The other art Fair Los Angeles
Seprember 6-8-2019
The other art Fair Los Angeles
March 28-31-2019
Commissions and Illustration CLIENTS: Pottery Barn// Urban Outfitters// Fab.com//Viabella// Craft & Folk Museum - LA// Literacyhead // juniqe - Germany// Vogue - Italia// Achica - UK// West Wing - France// Uncommon Goods// Happinez - Belgin// Eva -Hungary//Monoco -Japan //tree-free// and more


2019 - Group exhibition -BGGallery, Santa Monica, CA
2016 - Solo exhibition “Cactus world” Art Alley Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 - Three artists exhibition AG Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2014 - Solo exhibition , PB Santa Monica