Zak Collins

Zak Collins

Charleston, SC, United States

About Zak Collins

On August 28, 2010, both my daughter (Kate) and son (Jack) died during delivery. They were stillborn twins and my only children at the time. In the months following their deaths, I began to teach myself photography as a means for coping with the losses…of not just the children, but my future with the children. I read book after book, focusing most of my attention on the elements of art design and the psychology of aesthetics, and then the technical aspects of photography. I took picture after picture, thousands and thousands of landscape photographs. I was disciplined. Focused. Motivated. Yet, what solidified my work was an inherent sense of creativity that had been dormant prior to this personal tragedy. The medium took shape once I learned to foster this instinct. Eventually, I was able to regain a sense of balance in my life or—in my case—a workaround.

Over the years, as a full-time photographer, I have continued my devotion to the art form. My prints have been presented in partner galleries, as well as, solo and group exhibitions, including selection as the 2017 Featured Artist for TEDxCharleston. I also collaborate with art consulting firms to connect with clients searching for original artwork.


-University of North Carolina at Wilmington (undergrad)
-University of North Carolina at Charlotte (grad program)


2017 Featured Artist for TEDxCharleston


'Impermanent: A Collection of Photographs' - solo exhibition, Charleston, South Carolina

Arthouse LA - group exhibition, Los Angeles, California

'Lowcountry: A Gentlemen's Vision' - group exhibition, Charleston, South Carolina