Ziesook You

Ziesook You

PLANO, TX, United States

About Ziesook You

Ziesook You has been experimenting with a variety of genres such as photography, video, installation, and painting.

She portrays her surroundings and daily life in a bold, unaffected video language. Her pieces include the video diary of her family using time flowing methods, a documentary film taken in various world travel sites depicting space and time, and 10 Years Self-Portrait using time compression techniques. She has exhibited Korea, Australia, Iceland, Taiwan, Hungary, Japan, France, the Netherlands and the United States.

Since 2016, she has been working on the "Scent of Broq-pa" project, which expresses happiness through the coexistence of humans and nature, with people from various walks of life and has been exhibiting it in Korea, Hong Kong and the United States.

Her work prefers continuous series in which layers accumulate over a long period of time, examining time, space, nature and life.

She earned a master’s degree in fine art, and taught contemporary art and video art and techniques at universities and graduate schools from 2006 to 2014.

From 1999 to 2018, she participated in various studio activities including residency programs. He participated in a number of exhibitions and had nine individual exhibitions in Korea. She is currently working at her studio in Dallas area and is participating in exhibitions in several cities in Texas, South Carolina and California.


Master of Fine Arts, Seoul Women’s University (~2002)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Seoul Women’s University (~1998)


2021 Nominee, 7th Fine Art Photography Awards
2021 Nominee, 14th International Color Awards
2020 Honorable mention, Winter art show, USA
2020 Best of Show “Thankful For the Artists” Art Competition, USA
2020 Honorable mention, Black & White Spider awards
2020 Best in show, IDENTITY II(Envision Arts), USA
2020 Red Bull Arts Dallas/Ft. Worth Microgrant, USA
2020 1st place, Bloom(TVAA), USA
2020 Best in show, summer splash (Frisco art gallery), USA
2020 3rd Winners of 2020 Texas & Neighbors, USA
2019 Winners of " ARTBEST Artists, USA
2019 Honorable mention, ONYX(Envision Arts), USA
2019 Honorable mention, Emerald(Envision Arts), USA
2019 Best in Photography, Visual arts guild of Frisco, USA
2007 Award of Excellence, Gyeonggi culture foundation ‘Mother’ documentary competition, Korea
2005 6th Seoul NET festival next stream cinema 4 NET, Seoul, Korea
2001 1st Prize, E-media Festival Single channel Competition, Korea


2021 14th Fort worth community arts center, TX
2021 13th Lincoln experience center. TX
2021 12th One river school, TX
2021 11th Vala Galle
2020 10th Pardieu gallery, USA
2018 9th Poeun art gallery, Holt welfare foundation, Korea
2017 8th Ideale photo gallery, Korea
2016 7th Twincity gallery, Alternative space Bom, Korea
2014 6th Afia gallery, Korea
2010 5th Barom gallery, Is Not Gallery, Alternative space noon, Korea
2007 4th Alternative space noon, Korea
2006 3rd Alternative space noon, Korea
2005 2nd Alternative space noon, Korea
2001 1st Barom gallery, Korea
Focus Art fair – Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
Art 214 – Latino, Bathhouse culture center
Vala collective spring 2021 – Blue house too
Fresh start 2021 – Frisco discovery center
Operation Love – Cotton mill
Winter art show – Frisco discovery center
The Vala collective – Blue house too
Hindsight 2020 – Cotton mile
IAA 2020 fall & winter exhibition “Joy of the human spirit” – IAA Gallery
Identity ll – https://www.envisionartshow.com/identity-ii
Fall ll – https://www.envisionartshow.com/fall-ii
Cream de la creme juried show 2020 – Frisco discovery center
Blue – The gallery 8680
Color outside of the line – Cotton mile
Prism – https://www.envisionartshow.com/prism
Floral – theartistscirclegallery.com
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Artrageous 2020 – Frisco discovery center
Texas & neighbors regional art exhibition – Irving arts center
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Halcyon – janette Kennedy Gallery
Blue – The gallery 8680
Vibrant – Frisco discovery center
Artgoogle – Outdoors on Magnolia Avenue from 8th Avenue to South Main Street
Cream de la creme juried show 2019 – Frisco discovery center
Atrium 19 – The Depot at the Frisco Heritage Center and Museum
Black and white – https://www.envisionartshow.com/blackwhite
Robert lawrence art project – Robert lawrence designs
Art en blanc – The gallery 8680
Photoreview online exhibition – http://www.photoreview.org
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Me myself and I – The gallery 8680
TRAHC’s 31st annual juried exhibition – Texarkana regional arts and humanities council
Aging as art juried photography show – Bowers museum, Newport beach central library
Artrougeous – Frisco discovery center
Emerald – https://www.envisionartshow.com/emerald
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Seoul international new media festival – Korea film archive, I-gong
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