Ziping Wang

Ziping Wang

Jersey City, NJ, United States

About Ziping Wang

Ziping Wang is an artist living and working in New York City. She received her bachelor degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2017, and just finished her master degree in Pratt Institute. She was honor student of Rhode Island School of Design in 2016, and graduate with distinction from Pratt Institute. Her works and solo exhibitions have been featured in Artnet and Create! Magazine.

Artist statement: As a painter, I’m interested in the elusive nature of modified reality. I use my paintings to document these modifications. In technologically advanced societies, our experiences of the world are under constant invasion from brightly colored advertisements, pop up window browsers and catchy slogans, all designed to be distracting. The constant overload of information generates anxiety, which is further enhanced by the ambiguity between the reality and the world these information aim to construct, especially through highly personalized curation. Unashamedly ubiquitous, this intangible algorithm-based curation is capable of producing a constructed reality so uncannily similar to our own, to tell the difference requires a constant upkeep of skepticism. The act of modification functions like a field of action where the traces of editing are grotesquely present, and the before and after images are intriguingly intertwined together. By documenting the editing process through the use of digitally manipulated imagery, and revealing and concealing different planes of images and pop culture symbols, I capture the anxiety and emotional exhaustion that result from the information overload and my skepticism towards constructed reality.


BFA, Rhode Island School of Design class of 2017
MFA, Pratt Institute class of 2020


Selected exhibition:
ASYAAF, Gallery LVS, Seoul, Korea, 2020
《Holiday project 1 Group Show》, Inna Art Space, New York, 2020
《The Garden of Forking Path》, The Wall MINI Project space, Beijing, 2019
《Welcome back show》,Dekalb Gallery, New York, 2019
《Artificial Delicacy--Ziping Wang's solo exhibition》, Gessoisland artspace, Shenyang, 2019
《37.2》, The Cool Hunter, Beijing, 2019
Graduate Art Fair, Shanghai, 2019
《1st year MFA group exhibition》, President office gallery, New York, 2019
《Daydreaming》,J.yuan associates LLC, New York, 2019
《People's Choice Salon Show》,Greenpoint gallery, New York, 2019
Unsettling garden--Ziping Wang's solo exhibition, Space Feng@Luv Tea, New York, 2018
Art book fair, Fou gallery, New York, 2018
Small works exhibition, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, New York, 2018