Zsuzsa Klemm

Zsuzsa Klemm

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Zsuzsa Klemm

*1967 in Novi Sad – living in Berlin. Raised multi-cultural (hungarian-german) in former Yugoslavia. She moved1977 to Germany.
1997 she received MFA in fine art (University of Fine Arts, HBK, Braunschweig). Teaching Visual Art on a social collage from 2011-2018. She is great creator: energetic, electric, ecstatic.

Artist Statement
Art is my way to connect to the world and make statement to on going things in the world and inside me. It´s a way of communication.


1997 MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Fine Arts, HBK Braunschweig


Extended stays abroad:
1967- 1974 Serbia, Novi Sad
1995 One month exploring Ecuador
2002 Three months, place of residence in Budapest, Hungary
2004 Three months, artists residence in Ein Hod, Israel
2014 6 weeks Vietnam, Singapur and Bali with my six year old daughter
2018 One month sketching, photographie and performance in New York and
New England, USA


Single (s) and group (g) shows, performances

2020 "The code of love", Artspace F200, Berlin
2020 "Personal and collective remembering", Comunal Gallery (g)
2019 "Recollolaction", Space X with Sybille Hotz, Berlin (g)
2019 "Ich werde gewebt haben", Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln, Berlin (g)
2019 "I climbed the mountain", Gallery Baull (s)
2019 "Le Son Du Silence", Artspace Barbiche, Berlin (g)
2018 „Walk the line“, Performance on the High Line, New York City
2016 „Willkommensgewächs“, kubacki, Berlin (s)
2015 „FORMAT: quer“, Showroom F200, Berlin-Mitte, (g)
2013 „beyond the space-the space beyond“, Gallery Kuhn, Berlin (s)
2012 „Behind me paradise- ahead desire“, open studios, „48 Stunden Neukölln“ (s)
2011 Zsuzsa Klemm und Frank Sanderink, Show Room, F 200, Berlin-Mitte (g)
2010 artfair Berliner Liste, Berlin (s)
´organic white´, aquabitArt/ Friedman Gallery, Berlin (g)
´Raumwandler´, artspace t 27, Berlin (g)
´Grete with and without Hans´, Art and Communication, Bochum (s)
´ bs-visite´, Rebenpark, Braunschweig (g)
´Zsuzsa Klemm. Sketches In Chinese Ink“, Galerie Beta-Bat, Ein Hod,Israel (s)
`From place to place”, showroom „Studio at the corner“, Düsseldorf (s)
`The Thing`, Ballhaus Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (s)
`beastly encounter `, Hall 6 - Gallery Christine Hölz, Düsseldorf (g)
`paravent-project`, Stiftung Starke/ Gallery Eikelmann, Berlin (g)
`Out of the hidden” curated by W. Hanck, C.-K.-Church, Neuss (s), `rope team, Gallery 61, Bielefeld (g)
`after bathing…/rejoyce´, Gallery Wolfram Bach, Düsseldorf (g)
`MAGmA´, Producer´s gallery plan.d. , Düsseldorf (s)
1999 ´Villa Romana´, National Gallery Stuttgart, Stuttgart (g)
`Tuchfühlung´, Gallery Türke, Dortmund (s)
1998 `Ein Treppenhaus für die Kunst 4`, curated by Dr. Ulrich Krempel (Sprengel Museum), Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur Hannover, Hannover (g)
1996 ´Tadeusz und seine Klasse´, Teck Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. Canada (g)