Peter Kruger

Peter Kruger

Perth, Western Australia , Australia

About Peter Kruger

I am an Australian but have lived and worked around the world and so I think I have been influenced by my experiences living in those countries. I paint images my mind captures and then I try to get those images down on canvas as best as I can. In my paintings of leaves and flowers I tried to keep them simple and avoid too much detail. I used blue azure and the greens to create paintings to cool hot walls.I hope to share my paintings and get them out of my house and onto walls around the world.


I majored in art studies at Churchlands College in Perth, Western Australia many years ago. I have been painting and drawing my whole life. I have had some formal training, however other artists call my style ‘naive’ ,which describes some of my paintings and my personality well.


I participated in the Nagoya International Art Exhibition in Japan for 3 years in 1995, 1996 and 1997.