Joanna Gozdz

Joanna Gozdz

Warsaw, Poland

About Joanna Gozdz

Today I know while showing my pictures that everything I am doing is closely related together and finds expression in my creativity work.
I am a graduate at Technical University in Radom. I have obtained a diploma in painting in Bogumil Lukaszewski’s atelier and the annex in graphics from Krzysztof Wyzner. During my studies I have moved to Warsaw and started cooperation with interior design magazines. My job was to arrange interiors for photo sessions.
In 2004 I started to work for famous advertising agency and abandoned for good my painting. Since 2009 I’ve been designing, illustrating and preparing artistic hobbies handbooks. In 2012 I’ve returned to my passion for painting. Nowadays my painting combines illusive aesthetics of beauty propagated by advertising agencies and sensitivity for surrounding world. My painting goes beyond the area of canvas pushing spectators to watch paintings from different perspective and to perceive not only through vision but also through touch. Even though my pictures are painted not only in oils and acrylic and sometimes they resemble a bas-relief I still treat them like painting.


2020 Aragon 232 Gallery Barcelona Spain
2020 Gallery Pékin Financial District
2020r Gallery Pekin China World
2019r Gallery Paris Ile Saint-Louis (4ème)
2019r Gallery New York Bleecker
Since 2015 I exhibit and sell my works on
I also exhibit my works in galleries Carré d'artistes.
2015 Gallery Four-leaf Warsaw - individual exhibition
2010 Gallery Czwarte piętro Warsaw - individual exhibition
2000 Gallery Windows Budemeks Warsaw - individual exhibition