Sabina D'Antonio

Sabina D'Antonio

Melbourne / Mornington Peninsula, VIC, Australia

About Sabina D'Antonio

Liven up your space with Coastal Abstract Art!
With bursts of colour, texture, and mixed media, feeling instantly at home in any environment... without the sand.

Sabina D'Antonio, a self taught contemporary abstract artist, first visited Australia in 2012, before making the permanent move in 2014 from the state of Maryland to the beautiful Mornington Peninsula of Victoria, Australia.

Sabina's passion for the beach and coastal lifestyle inspires a style where she aims to create a colourful, vibrant, and textured painting that has a distinct distressed and weathered look. The expressionist layers of colour in quick strong palette strokes, create a sense of blurred motion reminiscent to the rolling waves or sand patterns on the beach.

The textured pattern coming through, is inspired by the netting on a pier, or off the side of a fishing boat which Sabina comes across on her many adventures along the local marinas.

You may ask 'why the numbers', the numbers you see in sequence are a homage to Sabina's vast manufacturing background, combined with a selection of random numbers she comes across that caught her eye, on a beach box, a boat out on the water, to what comes naturally to Sabina during the creative process.

The music sheets found along the horizon are inspired by Sabina's childhood with her Parisian Mother, who encouraged Sabina's love for art and music, to what we all love most about the beach 'the beautiful sound of the waves' ... life is Sabina's inspiration.

Each piece is unique from the next, resulting in a body of work evoking one’s passion for distressed and weathered surfaces, love for colour, and an overall passion for the beach.


Sabina, a self taught contemporary abstract artist, has nurtured her independence and artistic freedom and creates spontaneously from within: expressing a feeling, a memory or an impression. Sabina is not restricted by uniform techniques, but is free to express herself fully resulting in pieces that arouse and captivate the viewer.



2021 Group, Mingara Gallery
2021 Group, Black Spot Gallery

2020 Virtual Exhibition, Art Red Hill
2020 COOL ART, Without Pier Gallery
2020 Group, Original Oz Gallery
2020 Group, Gallery Sorrento
2020 Group, Mingara Gallery
2020 Group, Black Spot Gallery

2019 Colourspace Corporate Art Leasing @ The Cluster
in Melbourne, Australia
​2019 Group, Original Oz Gallery
2019 COOL ART, Without Pier Gallery
2019 Group, Gallery Sorrento
2019 Group, Mingara Gallery
2019 Group, Black Spot Gallery

2018 The Other Art Fair presented by Saatchi Art @ The
Facility in Melbourne, Australia
2018 COOL ART, Without Pier Gallery
2018 Group, Gallery Sorrento
2018 Group, Mingara Gallery
2018 Group, Black Spot Gallery

​2017 Group, Gallery Sorrento
2017 Group, Without Pier Gallery
2017 Group, Mingara Gallery
2017 Group, Art Red Hill Art Show
2017 Group, BYS Easter Art Show
2017 COOL ART, Without Pier Gallery
2017 Group, Panoply Gallery
2017 Group, Black Spot Gallery

2016 Group, Panoply Gallery
2016 Group, CamArt Art Show
2016 Group, Black Spot Gallery

At present Sabina's original artwork is held in various private collections in the US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, and Switzerland.


Before moving to Australia Sabina had successful solo and joint art exhibitions in the USA, and has successfully entered local and metropolitan art shows throughout Victoria, Australia. Sabina now focuses her sales through online and physical galleries, along side her Mornington home studio, giving her the time to explore the beaches and marinas with her camera where she acquires inspiration for her artwork.