Akihito Takuma

Akihito Takuma

Sagamihara, Kanagawa, Japan

About Akihito Takuma

Born in Kumamoto, Japan in 1966. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.about the works, Lines of Flight(2004~) Following a year in Europe studying painting, I noticed how hard it was for paint to dry in Japan because of the high humidity. This made me more conscious of the environmental differences between the two places, and inspired me to make this work. Before the paint had dried, from top to bottom. Then I chose a landscape with a perspective that made the horizon seem as if it continued forever. It is my hope that in this work, order will be maintained but at the same time superseded, and the instant that a dynamic, positive and free form of energy is released might be expressed.about the works, Painting from Record of Action (1992~)My works of art depict and record scenes of various people, including me, in one month period. I don't appreciate the works of art that are limited to the art field. I want to introduce many people to the art world. I'm studying the area between reality and the depicted world. But what I want to emphasize is people's actions in public. I like Gilles Deleuze's world. He said that in this universe only human beings deviate from the universal order. I agree with him. I think the pictures of different people's actions reveal reality. By publicizing people's records in the form of art, I'm trying to eliminate conflicting classifications as the East and the West, male and female, urban and rural districts.


Akihito TakumaEducation1993-94 Studied at Circulo de Bellas Artes (Madrid, Spain) 1993 Completed the postgraduate course at Shiga University of Education, Japan (Painting Department)Selected Solo Exhibitions2007 'Lines of Flight', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan2006 'Lines of Flight', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan2004 'Lines of Flight', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan2002 'I until 1999 from 1990-to give it value in the daily life', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan2001 'I whom I don't know-Memory', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan2000 'To leave.', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan1999 'Escape the border.', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan1998 'Painting from Record of Action', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan'Expressive Machine for Future', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan1997 'about Existence', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan1996 'It is connected.', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan'escape from the two clauses confrontation', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan1994 'Painting from Record of Action', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan1992 'Devenir', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan Selected Group Exhibitions2005 The 10th Anniversary of Post-Earthquake Restoration "Hyogo International Competition of Painting"2001-2005 'Seed Project'1997 'Invitation to Our House', at Artist's home in Shiga, Japan 'Insisting Small Objects', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan 'IACK', Gallery Maronie, Kyoto, Japan1996 'Insisting Small Objects', Shinanobashi Gallery, Osaka, Japan 'IACK', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, Japan1994 'The Present Shtuation of Kyusyu', The Kagoshima Municipal Museum of Art, Kagoshima, Japan1992 'The 13th Impact Art Festival', The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan1991 'Kyoto Independent Exhibition', The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan1990 'Two-Persons Show (Sanae Yasuda, Akihito Takuma)', Gallery Iteza, Kyoto, JapanPublic collectionsHyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe, JapanAwards2005 The 10th Anniversary of Post-Earthquake Restoration "Hyogo International Competition of Painting" Second Prize2005 20th Holbein Scholarship Exhibitioner,