Andreas Giannoutsos

Andreas Giannoutsos

Larissa, Thessalia, Greece

About Andreas Giannoutsos

He was born in Larissa in 1953.He studied sculpting and stage designing from 1971 to 1976 at the Athens School of Fine Arts.He was director of the Larissa Contemporary Art Centre from 1996 to 2003.He has been teaching as professor of Art at secondary education schools since 1979-2010.He frequently co-operated with the Thessalian Theatre for the stage,costume and poster designs(Aristophane Irene (Peace),The Story of Ali Retzo by Markaris and Xenopoulos Temptation).In the period between 1983-88 he taught art at the workshop of the Larissa Municipal Art Gallery - G.I.Katsigra Museum of which he was founding member and elected member of its Board of Directors.He co-operated with the Larissa Experimental theatre for the staging and costumes of the play titled Cyclica Topia (Circular Landscapes) by P.Kotronis in his capacity as artistic director of the Larissa Contemporary Art Center,he organised and implemented many great thematic exhibition and units,educational programmes and workshops.He edited numerous publications and artistic periodicals.In 1992 he was a candidate for the UNESCO prize for the promotion of the arts.He is a member of the Visual Arts Champer,Greece.In 1996 he represented Greece at the Budapest SCULPTURE - DRAWING BIENNAL.He co-wrote the manual-guide to teaching art Εισαγωγή στην Απεικόνιση(An Introduction to Representation) as well as the educational book titled Colour Adventure which successfully supported a similar pilot programme of the Larissa Contemporary Art Center.In 1997 his work marked the European DISNET/STEP Programme of the General Secretariat for Youth.In April 2002,in the frame-work of the EUROPA/EUROPA programme (dedicated to Greek culture), he curated and presented the ART-YPOREIA production revealing the virtues of contemporary Thessalian creators at Rybnik in Poland in co-operation with the Rybnik/Polish Culture Center and the Larissa Contemporary Art Center.From 1997 to 2000 he participated in a number of conventions, round tables and workshops held by bodies of the Ministry of Culture,the National Cultural Network of Cities and the Domain of Culture Network(1997-2000).He also participated in the Inter-Balkan Co-operation Meeting of the State Museum of Contemporary Art held in Thessaloniki in 2001.In March 2003 he took part in the La Recontre d'Athines Meeting at Gazi which dealt with Cultural Centers in the Regions leading towards a European Identity.He organised and curated the Domain of Culture's Pan-Hellenic Meeting of Visual Arts Workshops (Larissa Art Center,May 1999)as well as the Round Table titled Upgrading the Institution,techniques and programmes employed in visual arts workshops.References in books and dictionaries (Art History In Greece) by Miltiades Papanikolaou,ADAM Publications 1999.(Greek Museum) by Manos Stephanides,Militos Publications, 2001.(Dictionary of Greek Artists)by Irene Savvani, Melissa Publications 1997.


He took part in a number of group thematic exhibitions.Some of these are: the exhibition of the graduates from the Athens school in Athens and Chania in 1976 the exhibition presenting Thessalian artists,Larissa Culture Organisation and Rhodes Municipal Art Gallery the 1979 protest exhibition of the Athens School graduates regarding the founding of a school in Thessaloniki,Pan-Hellenic Cultural Movement,Thessaloniki 1985-86 Artists of Larissa,Larissa Municipal Art Gallery-G.I.Katsigra Museum and later transferred to the Rhodes Municipal Art Gallery and the Antinor Gallery in Athens the 1990 exhibition of Art Teachers,Cultural Center of the Athens Municipality and the Dromena 5x5 Group at the French Institute in Larissa,1991 thematic exhibition:Seven Presences,G.I.Katsigra Museum.


Solo Exhibitions: in 1979 and 1981 at the Ergastiri Galleri in Larissa,themes:Objects and the City.In 1984 he presented a unit of works titled love,Arena Art Hall,Athens,Larissa Municipal Art Gallery-G.I.Katsigra Musuem.In 1987 at the Antinor Gallery in Athens and the Vlachouli Gallery in Larissa.He also presented a unit of works(wooden constructions and paintings)titled Probable Lands at the Liberal Workshop of the Larissa Municipal Art Gallery.In 1991 at the Goethe institute in Thessaloniki and the Art Gallery of the Lampropoulos department store in Larissa.In 1993 he presented paintings-sculptures (of a retrospective nature)at the Thessaloniki Municipal Art Gallery / Yeni Tzami-Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and the Vlachouli Gallery in Larissa.In 1995 at the TITANIUM Gallery in Athens and the Municipal Art Gallery- G.I.Katsigra Museum.In 2004 at the Gallery 3 of athens presented paiting-sculptures with the title "SEEKING THE SAP OF LIFE".The same year he exhibit too at Gallery Margoni Larissa.In 2006 at the Gallery JANE MONE of Luxemburg presented paiting-sculptures with the title "PERSISTENCE".In 2009 at Gallery BAMA NIGHT of Bolos city.