William Macdonald

William Macdonald

St. John's, NL, Canada

About William Macdonald

Ultimately what I aim for in my work is to create beautiful art. My main inspiration is cultivated through music listening and I generally like spooky and mystical stuff that was also experimental at its genesis.
Technique wise I use a limited range of brushes and often only a couple for each painting as well as paint knives. I have a couple of favorite colors and they often save a painting when it gets out of hand. I like thick paint and find it very challenging. I like geometric abstraction but also expressionism. I like to think I am engaging with philosophy in some way in my visual art. I hope to invoke the sublime or a feeling of it, something greater or powerful that captures attention on a deep level. Its a feeling of the spooky beautiful that can be experienced at a safe distance. I think my strengths are as a colorist but I can utilize space and form when ever I need too.




2012-2014 24hr Art Marathon, Eastern Edge Gallery St.John's
2016 Recipient of Canada Council for the Arts 'Cultivate' Grant


2001 Arts &Letters Competition Arts& Culture Centre
c.2004 Eastern Edge Rogue Gallery, St.John's
2008 Eastern Edge Rogue Gallery, St.John's
2012 Arts &Letters Competition The Rooms
2013 Eastern Edge Annual Members Exhibition
2017 East Port Beaches Heritage Agriculture Fair 1st. Prize
2019 Eastport Beaches heritage centre Exhibition
2019 Eastern Edge Annual Members Exhibition