Arielle Masson

Arielle Masson

Houston, TX, United States

About Arielle Masson

Although born in Mexico, Arielle Masson grew up in Brussels, Belgium where she studied drawing at the Ecole des Arts Visuels d’Uccle . She then, went on to the university in Paris to complete a Master of Spanish Literature and postgraduate studies in Linguistics at La Sorbonne.
After moving to Houston in 1986, she studied Fine Arts/Painting at the University of Houston from which she received a Master of Fine Arts.
She then received a Fellowship from the Core Program from The Glassell School, Museum of Fine Arts Houston.
She has extensively exhibited in Museums and Galleries throughout Texas, France and Mexico and, was granted multiples awards, including The Brown Foundation Fellows Program at the Dora Maar House, in Menerbes, France.
Her practice includes all painting media and she has specialized in the fabrication and use of egg tempera and gouache. More recently, she has extended her activities to design major public art pieces for the City of Houston, and the Metro Light Transit in Houston.
More important to her is her extensive training in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation that sustains the holistic viewpoint that is inspiring her art.
She currently teaches Painting and Drawing at the Glassell School of Art/ St. Thomas University in Houston, Texas.
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1990 - Master of Fine Arts, The University of Houston, Texas.
1984 - MA (Maîtrise Spanish & Latin American Literature), La Sorbonne III, Paris, France.
1975-78 - École des arts plastiques et visuels d'Uccle, Brussels, Belgium.


2007 - The Brown Foundation Fellows program at the Dora Maar House, Menerbes, France.
2003 - Visual Artist Fellowship Award, Cultural Arts Council of Houston.
2000 - Travel Grant, La Cambre, Ecole Nationale Sup.des Arts Visuels, Brussels, Belgium.
1997 - Creative Artist Grant Award, Cultural Arts Council of Houston.
1990-92 Core Fellowship Program, The Glassell School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


Solo Exhibitions
2015 - "Akasha: The fifth Element", Galveston Art Center. Galveston, Texas.
2015 - "Progression", Hunter Gather Project, Houston, Texas.
2014 - "The Fifth Element", Contemporary Art Gallery, Houston Baptist University, Houston, Texas.
2013 - "Crónicas de la Tierra", Museo de Antropología de Xalapa, Veracruz, México.
2011 - "The Future is not what it used to be", New Gallery, Houston, Texas.
2001 - "Morphic Resonance", New Gallery, Houston.
1999 - "Atrium", San Antonio College, San Antonio, Texas.

More than 50 Group Exhibitions not counting charities.
The latest group exhibitions:
2017- "Houston Artists: Gestural and Geometric Abstraction"- The Mobile Art Museum, Mobile, Alabama.
2011 - "Noel d'Amériques", Boissiere-Gomendio, Art Contemporain, Paris, France.
2011 - "Metro Art Transit", Public Art Projects Metro Rail, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.
2011 - "Chicome-Xochtli’s Children", Art League of Houston,
2010 - "New Arte Nuevo", UTSA Art Gallery, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Texas.