Arne H Ingvaldsen

Arne H Ingvaldsen

Bergen, Norway

About Arne H Ingvaldsen

Born in Bergen, Norway, 1947. I live and work here.

I mostly do installations in scale of landscape or surrounding architecture.


1988-93The National Academy of Fine Arts, Bergen, Norway
1985-87University fellow, NTH, Institute of form and colour
1976-78Post graduate, Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
1968-75 Norwegian University of Science and Technology, department of architecture

2006Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs
2006Visual Artists Fee Foundation
2006National income guarantee
2005Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs
2005Cit des Arts, Paris - Ingrid Lindbck Langaards Stiftelse
2002Statens arbeidsstipend - 3 years
2002Stay at Skandinavisk forening, Rome
2001Ingrid Lindbck Langaards Stiftelse
2001Visual Artists Fee Foundation
2000Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs

Group exhibitions
2002Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen
2001Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen
1999Palacio Dom Manuel, vora, Portugal
1998The regional exhibition of West Norway
1996Gallery Otto Plonk, Bergen
1995Sunnhordlandsutstillinga, Stord
1995Rogaland Artists Centre, Stavanger
1995The regional exhibition of West Norway
1994Sunnhordlandsutstillinga, Stord
1993Bergen Fine Art Association
1992Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen
1991The Association of Young Artists, Oslo

Solo exhibitions
2007Trndelag Centre of Contemporary Art, Trondheim
2007Artists Association Gallery, Oslo
2007Gallery USF, Bergen
2004Hordaland Art Centre, Bergen
2004Oslo Fine Art Association
2002Gallery USF, Bergen
2001Telemark Artists Centre, Porsgrunn
2000Hedmark Artists Centre, Hamar
1999Trndelag Centre of Contemporary Art, Trondheim
1998Vestfold Artists Centre, Tnsberg
1998stfold Artists Centre, Fredrikstad
1994Gallery USF, Bergen
1992Gallerie ACC, Weimar, Germany
1978Rogaland Artists Centre, Stavanger.
Together with Askill Voll

2006Tyssy near Bergen: "Traces in landscape V"
Together with Eva Kun and Hannah Sindall
2003Tyssy near Bergen: "Traces in landscape V"
Together with Eva Kun
1993Mveszeti Napok 93 / Art Festival 93 of Kapolcs, Hungary.
Together with Ingvill Henmo, Eva Kun, Hilde Skjeggestad
1992European Cultural Workshop, Schloss Ettersburg, Weimar, Germany
1992Stavanger Speculum 92, Stavanger Contemporary Art festival.
Together with Ingvill Henmo, Eva Kun, Gunnveig Nerol, Marit Aanestad
1991Gallery USF, Bergen
1990Between the spaces, Bergen. Together with Eva Kun.
1990Havrtunet, Ostery / Island near Bergen
1989Herdla / Island near Bergen
1988USF kai, Bergen / Quay at USF, Bergen
1987Lillehammer Art Museum. Together with Eva Kun
1986Bergen International Festival

Public comissions
2001 - 02Vgsbygd junior college school, Kristiansand.
1994 - 95The FFM nursing home, Bergen

Public collections
1999Municipal Art Collection of vora, Portugal
1998Norwegian Council for Culture Affairs

The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists
The Association of Norwegian Sculptors
The Association of Visual Artists in Hordaland
National Association of Norwegian Architects