Arrate Alonso

Arrate Alonso

Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain

About Arrate Alonso

I was born in (Guipúzcoa). In the late 80s, I moved to Madrid, where I studied fashion design. Having completed my training, I moved to Mallorca, where I am living now, in order to enter the world of art.
Soon after, I moved to the German city of Munich for 4 months, in a cultural exchange with artists of Fine Arts, a formidable experience that caused a shift in my paintings, with greater creative freedom. It was an important meeting for me since it reinforced my ideas coming from the western and oriental philosophy, as well as the written work by Kandinsky, Nietzsche's books, the work of other important expressionists......All this is the foundation of my expressionist style.

Some of my works are the result of my confrontation with the blank canvas without a background in any external theme, just letting me carry it out and only my intuition commanding, without me existing. Other times, I have an object in front, and then I try to connect with its essence to be free from any aesthetic ties.
In 2005 I moved my focus to the countryside, there arise my cheerful floral watercolours, full of light and sensitivity, or acrylics, which stand out for their originality and splashes; washes applied to the canvas as if they were watercolours and in which the colour appears rabidly demanding a role.

"In front of the blank canvas I let myself go and the result of that wonderful state of irrational and unconscious creativity arises in my compositions, which contain the spiritual balance that they sought to show"

"I use my mixes of colours as if they were musical notes that I play with and I get excited"

Every morning I get up very early to go up to the mountain that I have next to my studio. This connection in solitude that I have with nature is my source of inspiration, and it is what I try to transmit and show in my artistic work.

My work is in collections in Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia and in Spain. Thank you for visiting this site. If you'd like to comment, I appreciate your feedback.
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Goymar Academy design (1987-90)Madrid

Free School of Mediterraneo, with the Famous Painter Joachin Torrens LLado (1993-98)Mallorca

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Exhibition hall in Escuela Libre del Mediterraneo (1994) Mallorca.
Café Nou Soller (1998) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall of the Hotel La Residencia de Deia (2003) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall of the Círculo de Bellas Artes (2003) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall of the Círculo de Bellas Artes (2008) Mallorca.
Barceló Foundation (2016) Mallorca.


Exhibition hall in Hotel Albatros (1996) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall in Spa Badwörishoffen (1997) Germany.
Exhibition hall of the French Alliance (1999) Mallorca.
Hall of exhibitions of the town hall of Alaró (2001) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall of the Novo Gallery. Palma (2004) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall of the Mercedes de Caso Gallery (2006) Mallorca.
Exhibition hall in Interarte (2007) Valencia.
Exhibition hall of the town hall of Alaró (2009) Mallorca
Exhibition hall Hotel the Residence of Deia (2010) Mallorca
Carlos Martín Exhibition Hall (May 2013) Mallorca
Exhibition Hall of the General Treasury of the Social Security (October 2013) Mallorca
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