Borai Kahne Ateliers

Borai Kahne Ateliers

Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany

About Borai Kahne Ateliers

Borai & Kahne Ateliers -
painting on newspaper and style elements of graffiti and comics.
In a joint working process we arrange pieces of information spontaneously and remind of future current events.
Information materials of all kinds are changed, supplemented and combined.Our collaborative work has its origin in Berlin during the 1980s - it is a spiritual experience.
An important part of our technique is "Paperplaining".
About us ARTE Creative: ” Today in the newspaper, tomorrow on it! Borai & Kahne Ateliers not only read, but also paint their daily morning-reading!”- 21.05.2011, ”A mix of comic and graffiti turns newspaper into artwork” - 20.12.2011,” Borai & Kahne Ateliers make their own banner lines, only with far more style and humour “- 27.02.2012,
The Huffington Post - 02.08.2012, Photo-Collection: "The Olympic Spirit" from Saatchi Online, sheet 11.


Borai & Kahne Ateliers

1950 Uslar, Germany
1981-88 Member of art group, "endart“ Berlin (DE)
Based in Göttingen, Hannover, Berlin

Ahmed Borai
1960 Darmstadt (DE), German/Egyptian
1981-87 Autodidact, Berlin/Germany
1993 Master Student, Hanover/Germany
since 1995 Project 'artrecycle', cooperation with artists
Based in Hannover, Berlin


Press / feature:
New England Review - literary magazine
Cover art by Borai and Kahne Ateliers -
Warschau, collection "European Capital Cities",
New England Review -


Borai & Kahne Ateliers

1984 Vernadoun Gallery (US), LA West Hollywood "Paintings"
1984 CCD-Galerie, Düsseldorf (DE) "Großfotos"
1984 Art Cologne, Cologne (DE), "Painting, Sculptures"
1985 Galerie Paul Maenz, Cologne(DE) "Cross Culture"
1985 Galerie Tanja Grunert, Cologne (DE) "Metallskulpturen"
1985 Galerie Artinizing, Munich (DE)
1986 Galerie Kaessweiss, Stuttgart (DE)
1986 National Gallery Berlin "Kunst in der BRD" (Art in the BRD)
1986 Musee de Toulon (FR), "Berlin aujourdhui"
1986 Galerie Joachim Becker, Cannes (FR),"Berlin 86"
1986 Galerie Torch, Amsterdam (NL),"Paintings, Graphics"
1989 Galerie Henn, Maastricht (NL),"Papersculptures"
1991 Galerie Weinand, Berlin (DE) "Berlin Plywood Objekte"
1995 "Wrapping Reichstag Paint -Action" with G.Zaucker, Berlin(DE)
1997 CREATE Center,Bristol (UK) -Neues Rathaus Hanover(DE) "Colours grow again"
2001 Kramerstraße, Hanover, "TäterOpfer – Kunst gegen Gewalt"
2008 Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin (DE),"StilleTage im Klischee" (Quite days in cliché)

Ahmed Borai
1987 Collagen, Galery Jüdes, Meiborssen (DE)
1990 Kunstpreis Ökologie, (Art Award Ecology), Museum für angewandte Kunst Köln, Vienna (AT),
Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden (DE)
1991 Unruhe (Unrest), Kunsthaus, Hamburg (DE)
Kunst auf Papier, (Art on paper), Hanover, Leipzig (DE)
1992 Szene Hannover, 77. Herbstausstellung, Kunstverein Hannover(DE)
1995 Frühlingserwachen (Spring Awakening), 78.Herbstausstellung Kunstverein Hannover (DE),
1996 Wiedersehen (Lookagain), 79.Herbstausstellung, Kunstverein Hannover (DE)
1997 Colours grow again, Create Center, Bristol(UK), Neues Rathaus, Hanover (DE)
2006 Salon Salder 2006, Neues aus Niedersächsischen Ateliers, Salzgitter-Salder (DE)
2007 Figurale, Großer Garten Herrenhausen, Hanover (DE)
2009 Höhenkoller (High Anxiety), k2 United Painters, Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin (DE)
2010 Gipfeltreffen (Summit), k2 United Painter, Forum Schloss Wolkersdorf/ Vienna (AT),
Adalbert Road, k2 United Painters, Galerie Zeitzone, Berlin (DE)